Okay Fediverse! 🀯

What do you NEED! ( or want )

For my new project (lovelibre.org) I want to contribute back to the libre software movement by hosting some services.

What kind of free hosted service would YOU find useful?

Tell me what you NEED! ( or want )

With Love,

πŸš€ Boosts Welcome!πŸš€

Initially, I am thinking.

- A Matrix Server
- Hosting offen.dev/ for FOSS projects

@arran have you actually ran a production Synapse instance before? I think you're jumping into this without realising how hard and costly it actually is

@resynth1943 I've not run Synapse in production, no.

I was looking into Dendrite considering the performance savings, albeit it's not feature complete yet.

@arran To be perfectly honest, if you don't know the headaches Synapse induces, I really wouldn't go making promises. πŸ˜‰ I've talked to a lot of Synapse administrators who have either shut down their instance, or continue to suffer under its bugginess.

Personally, since Synapse requires a lot of processing power, I'd prefer you to run multiple fediverse apps instead. But that's just my opinion. πŸ˜›

Dendrite looks good, but yeah it's not ready yet.

@arran So yeah, if you do go through with this, get a LOT of storage, and a really fast server. Hope it won't cost too much.

Fediverse apps are a lot lighter to run πŸ˜‰

@resynth1943 I appreciate your critical comments.

I've have heard Synapse is a huge storage hog, I will most likely wait until Dendrite is ready.

I don't feel like I'm making concrete promises, just in the research phase and want input from the community.

LoveLibre is a long term project , nothing will happen half-assed! - That, I can assure you of. πŸ˜‚

@arran @resynth1943

Having run synapse for a few months, it's not really much trouble with like 5-6 people who aren't in too many group chats, although it does crash on occasion.

I honestly wouldn't run a public synapse server, sounds hard.

@pretentious7 @arran it *really* is hard. Again, I've spoken to quite a few instance maintainers, and have heard a lot of complaints about Synapse. Especially from the privacytools.io team.


@resynth1943 @pretentious7

I really appreciate the information, I will take it onboard and proceed with caution.. I couldn't find much when I searched for it, so this is really valuable.

I've been running Synapse for the past week and It's blown me away how fast the database inflates..

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