Okay Fediverse! 🤯

What do you NEED! ( or want )

For my new project ( I want to contribute back to the libre software movement by hosting some services.

What kind of free hosted service would YOU find useful?

Tell me what you NEED! ( or want )

With Love,

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Initially, I am thinking.

- A Matrix Server
- Hosting for FOSS projects

@arran Big yes to the web analytics idea. It's hard to convince most people to use some paid service instead of free, popular, comprehensive Google Analytics.

Personally, I can't tell from offen's site what it looks like, so it's hard to tell what information it will give me, and I can't tell if it will be useful.

@arran have you actually ran a production Synapse instance before? I think you're jumping into this without realising how hard and costly it actually is

@resynth1943 I've not run Synapse in production, no.

I was looking into Dendrite considering the performance savings, albeit it's not feature complete yet.

@arran To be perfectly honest, if you don't know the headaches Synapse induces, I really wouldn't go making promises. 😉 I've talked to a lot of Synapse administrators who have either shut down their instance, or continue to suffer under its bugginess.

Personally, since Synapse requires a lot of processing power, I'd prefer you to run multiple fediverse apps instead. But that's just my opinion. 😛

Dendrite looks good, but yeah it's not ready yet.

@arran So yeah, if you do go through with this, get a LOT of storage, and a really fast server. Hope it won't cost too much.

Fediverse apps are a lot lighter to run 😉

@resynth1943 I appreciate your critical comments.

I've have heard Synapse is a huge storage hog, I will most likely wait until Dendrite is ready.

I don't feel like I'm making concrete promises, just in the research phase and want input from the community.

LoveLibre is a long term project , nothing will happen half-assed! - That, I can assure you of. 😂

@arran good plan :D

In the meantime, are you planning on hosting any ActivityPub-powered services? I think everyone's beat the Mastodon drum to death now. Maybe a Misskey instance? 😛

@arran can't wait to hear more about this project :D really good initiative! ❤️ do you have a / AP blog we can subscribe to for updates?


Nothing yet, I will set up a next week once the plan is fleshed out some more!

I'm very excited :)

btw, Where does Misskey fit in when compared to and Mastodon?

@arran basically it's a platform for full-on blogging, instead of microblogging (e.g. Mastodon).

UI is really nice too. It has IM's, page generation, rooms and channels. ❤️

@arran that demo screenshot doesn't really do it justice. Here's the main page:

P.S. don't pay attention to the catgirls lmao

@resynth1943 @arran Why is the page filled with ads? :ac_fearful:

It also seems that most of the page is in Japanese. Hopefully it will be translated at some point.

@wonderingdane @resynth1943 @arran

>having libre software

>putting nonfree ads on the page

This is what I call a gamer moment

@arran @resynth1943

Having run synapse for a few months, it's not really much trouble with like 5-6 people who aren't in too many group chats, although it does crash on occasion.

I honestly wouldn't run a public synapse server, sounds hard.

@pretentious7 @arran it *really* is hard. Again, I've spoken to quite a few instance maintainers, and have heard a lot of complaints about Synapse. Especially from the team.

@resynth1943 @pretentious7

I really appreciate the information, I will take it onboard and proceed with caution.. I couldn't find much when I searched for it, so this is really valuable.

I've been running Synapse for the past week and It's blown me away how fast the database inflates..

@arran a cryptpad instance for collaborative work. A gitlab (or any other similar FOSS program) instance. A Matrix or Mattermost server would be great. That way small FOSS projects could perfectly communicate and do cooperative work without using proprietary garbage

@arran A SearX instance would be awesome, many instances aren't that great to use because of unreliable hosting.

@arran Thoughts:

Maybe you could structure as a community-run platform (kind-of like wikipedia).

People could sponsor servers, bandwidth, or more, so that's how any funding would come in. On the other side, regular public votes would decide what kinds of tools to host and which option for each kind of tool.

This could shift the responsibility involved, and ensure continuity.

@binyamin That's a great idea, I was hoping to steer the project in that direction eventually!

I think a membership system would be great, but also not to limit membership to purely financial donations!

I was thinking a meaningful contribution to a project would also earn you a membership.

Such as: Programming, Art, Blog posts etc

@arran Make sure to have a clear definition of "meaningful", both for your own sanity and other people's feelings

@arran useful, or at lesson least fun would be a place for gopher or Gemini "blogs" but not sure how doable that would be.

@arran Mastodon, Matrix, Jitsi and Etherpad are nice

@arran a mailing list server, like Sympa 👌🏻

@arran Congrats for yourt iniciate! How about a mumble server? I'd love to voice chat while playing something and don't depend on discord (that I hate cause I'm an old boring man who can't stand to learn anything new that isn't open-source)

@rberlim Absolutely! I've actually got a personal instance life already running Murmur.

The further from Discord we get, the better.

@arran Never heard about murmur, I will look about it, thanks!

@arran Maybe an Invidious instance? I feel the current ones' performance isn't keeping up with the demand.

I would also love the see resurrected, but someone would also need to pick up its development…

@arran screego, sourcehut, and/or an i2p outproxy would be nice.

@arran it would be really cool having a fully free sourcehut instance

@arran (an in beer, sourcehut is libre software)

@arran (1/2) I do more or less serious self-hosting myself, so I am not in dire need of any hosting services itself. I do however see needs of small organizations and groups for the use cases that nextcloud covers + integration of pads and stuff. Besides, a really big pain point for many is newsletter and/or mailing lists and/or proper discussion forums like discourse.

Besides that there are many proprietary tools for which no good open solution exist:

@arran (2/2) * A more playful way to interact with the audience of online calls (like mentimeter, padlet and so on). Collaborative pin-boards and visually pleasing interactive spaces. Easier to use than forms, and more freeform.
* a proper Trello / lightweight project management tool.

@arran you may be find this link useful:

This are the services i host for people, it might inspire you 😊

@admin Wow, that's very impressive!

Nice one ☺️

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