Experimenting for a logo for

Trying to capture the idea of freedom while focusing on a "L".

As in "L" for Love and Libre!

Would love feedback!

@arran I understood what you wanted to do before reading the explanation, so I think that’s a nice thing and you’re on the right way (path, I don’t know. You’re doing right)

@arran what is #lovelibre? I once drafted a manifest (for something beyond open source) called "Libre Open Everything", shortcut #loev, pronounced like a soft "love".

@fabian Its my new project for next year!

Its going to be a platform of sorts to promote and host Libre software for people to use.

Soon, will get the homepage it deserves.

@arran btw, feedback: like the idea, free like a bird etc., the subtil Ls. Makes sense. Artistically also solid for an early try - but I'm not really qualified to judge in that regard.

@arran great colours and layout. Kinda reminds me of a banana though.

@arran It looks nice to me! I can see a flying bird in there. At first I thought the bird’s head was on the left (with a long, elegant neck, reduced to its symbolic minimum for the logo) and that the black part wasn’t really meant to take part in the image, but then I realised the head is probably meant to be on the right. When I look at it this way, the bird looks a lot like a martin; it’s only missing the forked tail.

While I can see the ‘L’ in the black part, I can also see a ‘V’ in the shape of its wings. I actually think it might be distracting me from the ‘L’, but the letter fits pretty nicely into ‘LoVeLibre’, so that’s probably fine.

If I were to think of an improvement, maybe the wings could be made to look a bit more dynamic? Not sure if that wouldn’t make them illegible, though.

The green in the background also looks a bit grey to me; would a more verdant shade be too much? Normally I’d associate love with pink or red, so those might also make for good background colours.


Thank you very much for the thoughtful feedback!

I can now see the 'V' but your point stands regarding the "LoVe".

When you say makes the wings Dynamic, are you suggesting too hint at movement? (Motion lines, Blur etc)

Verdant, now that's a new word for me! I agree, I think something more red may be fitting.

Thank you very much for the thoughtful feedback!

@arran Thank you for the initiative! First time I’m hearing about LoveLibre, but it seems like a nice project, from the basic info I could find.

When you say makes the wings Dynamic, are you suggesting too hint at movement? (Motion lines, Blur etc)

Not really blur or motion lines—I don’t think they’d fit well into the clean aesthetic. I was just thiking they looked a bit stiff. It’s probably the left wing, with its mostly straight lines. Some shape deformation can make things appear in motion, but I’m not sure how far you could go here while still preserving the ‘L’.

Verdant, now that’s a new word for me!

I have only learned it recently myself, but I like it a lot! :blobcatgreen:

@arran @fabian @pendragonzo @tirifto I prefer that, I also enjoy more this background color than the green one

@arran @SonoMichele @fabian @pendragonzo I like it! The tail looks great and the colour is warmer. Now I notice that both of the wings have a visible rough point on the right side, so you might want to try smoothing them out, if you keep the shape.

A map of the original picture w…

@tirifto @SonoMichele

Good spotting! Will smooth those out.

First time making a logo like this, pretty fun!

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