Going to take on a new challenge next year - Hosting libre services for anyone to use.

Watch this space!

@arran that's fantastic! I selfhost but I'm not confident enough to host for anyone else at this point. Especially not from my own hardware at home (despite having an UPS, dynamic DNS, and being able load balancing with a little effort), even though my up time has been great I find it never breaks the same way.
Good luck, I'll stay tuned!

@shom I'll rent the infrastructure, so I'm saving myself the trouble of managing all of that! Well done though, that's pretty impressive.

Thanks! I'll be posting updates as they come :)

@arran you can Have a read around here more on the wikis and issues only epicyon has code.

@arran For people intrested in #indymediaback can you join here as this is a part of the #4opens organizing and replaces the old email list of the original indymedia.

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