I think i'm going to start referring to FOSS software as "Libre Software" from now on.

@Aaron_troetcafe_ I feel like the words FOSS and FLOSS almost invoke the same meaning as "Open Source" for a lot of people, where as the ideologies are vastly different.

@arran fair enough. That means when referring to libre software you mean the same as Floss in the original meaning?

@arran bless you. Software libre is a common term in Europe. I think libre software delivers the point too.

@arran Would an MIT licensed program be considered FOSS?

@Zach777 @arran According to FSF, it's a approved libre software license. I don't know why as it allow anyone to change the license to a proprietary license.

@hund @Zach777 I had the same thought,

But I guess it's still Libre for the user if it's MIT.

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