Hello people,

I made a post describing my deployment system for my blog

I'm new to writing, Feedback appreciated!

@arran Here's a thought that is as much for me as it is for you, because I didn't think about this until reading your post. I think as blog post writers, maybe we should ask "Where is the reader's self-interest in what I've written?" In this case, I feel like the interesting part was the idea of being able to set up https commands to manage my server, which is a point that I sort of had to pick out of your writing rather than the explicit point of it. Thanks for introducing me to webook!

@distractedmosfet Hey thanks for the comment. :D

So do you think I should explain why the technology is useful / interesting in the beginning? That's probably a good idea 😂

@arran It's definitely a mistake I think I make, of forgetting to ask "What's the reader's perspective of this? What do they care about?" It's hard because obviously we live inside our own heads and see the meanings we already know. And no worries, I hope my feedback felt worthwhile.

@arran @distractedmosfet to add to this point, another way of looking at it is "what problem were you trying to solve?". Describe the problem and then jump into the solution.
The problem could be as simple as, I wanted to do something cool!
I like all the examples and the step by step instructions, including integrations into gitea. Good stuff, thanks for sharing!

@shom @distractedmosfet Hey thanks, Great addition. I'll be updating it today.

Glad you found it useful!

@arran good job! I'm sort of new to maintaining a website this way, but it's probably worth looking into.

Tell me, though, what do you think about ubserspace? I'm thinking about starting to host a project independently, and was looking for a place where I could host a static website cheaply, no backend, etc.

@kzimmermann Cheers!

Uberhost is fantastic, hands down the best host for individuals I've come across - I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

Their documentation is really great, their pricing is fair and the system comes with everything you already need preinstalled - It'll literally take minutes to get a site live.

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