God damn, Manjaro / Arch has ALL the packages.

@arran the AUR is really why it's difficult for me to even consider non-arch stuff

@Matter I don't think I can go back from this, not being forced to compile everything is amazing

@arran true, the AUR is arch biggest 'weapon', can't see myself going back to another distro, or even consider another rolling release one.

@arran Not really. Sorry. :P

* Nixpkgs stable 51.7k
* Raspberry Pi OS (stable) 32.5k
* Ubuntu (20.10) 31.2k
* Debian (stable) 28.5k
* Gentoo 18.1k
* Manjaro 9.8k
* Arch Linux 9.2k

@hund @arran how do you figure manjaro has less than Gentoo? That's like saying Ubuntu has less than Debian. They're the same thing with different sauce

@krageon @arran I don't say anything, I just pointed to some facts.

@hund @arran the beautiful thing about facts is that you can point out when they make no sense - that's why I was asking if you could explain what's going on here.
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