What FOSS application or service do you wish existed?

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@arran A beautiful non-electron desktop office suite for Linux

Also, an ASCIIdoc writer like Ghostwriter

@smir @arran @ONLYOFFICE I'm pretty sure it's got electron-based components, my main evidence for this is what happens here

Also, it'd be nice if it was functional without breaking like this on first run. I'm on Ubuntu 20.04

@fuck @arran @brandon @ONLYOFFICE @smir different tools for different things. Markdown and Latex are both useful

@fuck @arran @benjaminpaikjones @brandon @ONLYOFFICE @smir

I feel like Markdown is for quick and monolithic writing while LaTex is for more professional (scientific paper and book) writing with pagination.

I guess I will remain 11 years old until markdown is not enough 😜

@brandon @smir @arran @ONLYOFFICE Are you using Nvidia graphics? I had a similar problem with Onlyoffice that was caused by a missing Nvidia hardware acceleration package.

@smir btw, thanks for recommending OO. I tried it before but it just froze like the screenshot I showed you so I immediately uninstalled it. Now I'm using it and it's working just fine :)

@brandon the most I like about it is the compatibility with Microsoft office formats (which I have to use in work) while libre office sadly breaks MS office formats most of time, especially powerpoint

@smir Funny enough, I had trouble opening a Calc file in WPS Office but not in ONLYOFFICE

@brandon @arran Yes, I'd love a better office suite!!

How about it hid formatting options behind a paragraph/inline styles dropdown, to achieve a superficial simplicity whilst encouraging stronger typography? How about the ability to insert spreadsheet-style formulas anywhere, not just in a table?

Maybe some of my efforts building a smart TV browser engine from (relative) scratch could help here?

« spreadsheet-style formulas everywhere » sounds like a computational document. Have you heard of Jupyter before? Is that what you mean?
@brandon @arran

@brandon @arran it's heretical, but I did put windows 2010 on my mother's laptop, who received a nice 20.04 Ubuntu.

@arran I'd like some good games for kids, fun games where they at the same time learn things, like math, building things, solving puzzles, things like that. Not sure if that exists already, if so I don't know about it.

@RLetot @eliasr @arran Try the "Games" and "Apps" categories on ?

There are a lot of resources I have in my bookmarks, but I'm spending time on improving the UI first.

A #foss equivalent of the iOS app "TapForms". There's Symphytum, of course, but it doesn't work on touch screen devices.

@zepsylonum @arran I think the only one really missing is After FX? and enve2d looks promissing.

So what else are you missing from the adobe suite?

FPGA toolchains, open IC fab
Sophisticated reverse engineering tools, like decompilers
Sophisticated music production software

@sir @arran Ghidra’s decompiler? It’s now a part of radare2 too.

@x i find it kinda shitty tho, for instance, when decompiling a function that opens a file, r2ghidra shows only "stream = sym.imp.fopen();" and ghidra shows "fopen('file.txt')" so unfortunately i still use ghidra for a lot of things

@0xbiel Hmm, yeah that’s fair. Ghidra, besides being Java, is actually pretty awesome too.

@arran a fediverse client that would map posts to files in a directory structures (like Mailbox)
@Craftplacer @arran i literally cannot see how demand was a problem here as i am pretty sure there are people that would want such a thing
i think main reason is that devs were afraid of the rapidly changing specs of fediverse software
@Craftplacer @arran right now there's barely any desktop fediverse software that is usable and is not just another browser
@caskd @arran Well, I might be the first using Flutter to make a client for nearly all platforms. It just takes time.
@caskd @arran I mean, I spent so much time looking at OpenAPI specs and reverse engineering live instances. (I should make an open wiki actually detailing certain backends).

@caskd @arran so something like /

@caskd @arran actually, I'll take my time later, I'm not in the mood, sorry

@bunni @arran wait, are you serious? the specs, optimization, etc. etc...
you sure you want to get into this?

@caskd we're just talking about downloading posts and placing them in textfiles (and downloading media)
even a bash script can do it
(I'm not talking about making the frontend, just the backend)

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