Friends don't let friends use GitHub.


With GitHubs recent push for their CLI tool over the the already ubiquitous and understood git CLI and the new certification agenda, I will be migrating and will no longer support or endorse Github.

Don't let GitHub continue to monopolise FOSS and OS communities - Move your hardwork elsewhere.

@jordy I've recently started using

There's also Which a ton of people here at @fosstodon use.

@arran Codeberg looks to be a very good alternative. Thanks!

@arran @jordy @fosstodon Have you looked at yet? We migrated to that platform a year ago (from BB) and haven't once regretted it.

cc @sir

@arran git cli is pretty bad tho, I am glad they're getting competition

@arran I have long been looking for an alternative. Unfortunately until we have something with all the ease & benefits of github few will move.

This is why I've decided to try and build something that gives the github style experience but which is decentralised (is not self hosted, not hosted by a third party etc) based on Safe Network.

It's very early days, although I've been thinking about this for a couple of years. See:

Starting with git-bug looks promising, input welcome.

@happybeing Thanks for posting the discussion, it's a lot to catch up on - Looking forward to see this progress.

Would love to contribute to the Svelte frontend if that is the conclusion.

@arran it's a forgone conclusion! I'm exploring how to do everything in a static website, and if we go that way it will be built with 😍 Svelte😍 so it would be great to have you help with that.

@arran isn't the fact that GitHub is pushing a tool that they claim to be distinct from Git itself, better than the former `hub` command that was both GitHub and Git commands merged together?

@arran and how is this different from tools like `tea` that offer an integration with the backend that stock Git can't provide?

@daddy I don't have a problem with the tool itself, sure it's useful to extend to tools from GitHub.

Its the promotion I have an issue with, it's only going to confuse new developers.

@daddy It still provides wrapper functionality. My primary issue is when a user wants to clone a repo they see the gh command and not git:

@arran oh. I haven't used the tool enough to know they're pulling this bullshit now. I agree, in this case. If the functionality exists within `git` there's no reason they should do something like this.

@daddy Absolutely!
Also, thanks for being critical - Useful to clarify the message.

@arran great idea! These days, GitHub has become synonymous with git.

Where are you migrating to?

@benjaminpaikjones Absolutely - We have to help beginners to the craft differentiate between the two.

I'm investigating a self host option with @ubernauten in parallel with @codeberg.

@arran I've started to migrate to @codeberg as much as possible.

However, integration with 3rd party services like Netlify & Gitpod becomes a hindrance at times.

@arghyadeep @codeberg I can see that, I'm taking it as an opportunity to learn - albeit tough. 😂

I'm setting up buildbox so I can get my Hugo static site generated when I push to codeberg now - So much is abstracted away with Netlify, GH Pages etc etc, it's nice to get into the guts of it.

@codeberg @arran I’ve seen it but haven’t got the chance to explore it well.

Does it support ?

@arghyadeep @codeberg It looks like you'll have to compile it to static files prior to pushing.

@arran @arghyadeep Some local build script or Makefile on your development machine, the same or similar to the command used to render the local preview, yes

@arghyadeep @arran You can use any tool that generates static content (HTML+assets+javascript). Build, test, compile locally, push to pages.

@codeberg @arghyadeep

Little embarrassed I hadn't seen this. Thank you! ❤️

@arran @codeberg @arghyadeep codeberg, I have a number of repos on GitHub. Not major open source projects, just code-ish stuff like dotfiles, code examples, some HOWTO docs, piles of emacs lisp that I want to make public. Would moving this sort of stuff to codeberg be appropriate?

Github is getting weird.

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