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Can we
stop using
as a verb
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@arran Use Google as a verb enough, and they lose the trademark. It's called "genericide".

At the moment, because of their cool "we'll fab 130mm chips for you" thing, I'm kind of supporting them now – still fighting against stuff like the ads and analytics and AMP, but right now I don't think they deserve to lose their *name*. (That'll probably change next time they do something bad.)

@wizzwizz4 Good point with the "genericide" 😃

It's not that I want them to lose their name, but being more selective with our language would help reduce their normalized monopoly.

@arran on the one hand, im inclined to agree

on the other, i still hope for the days of

"where did u google that, Bing or DDG?"

@arran I still can't get to using 'duckduckgoing' (duckduckwent, duckduckgone?) :D

@ton I have too, tried and failed with this approach :p

Although duckduckgone has a ring to it!

I've resorted to.. "search" 😉

@arran 'search', mmm, there might be something to that. Has a familiar ring even..... ;)

@arran Just “search” should be fine… Thanks for pointing this out :) #FuckOffGoogle & #FuckOffGAFAM

@arran I like using it as a verb, it hurts their trademark

@arran too late. It'll stick for a while, like "to xerox" something

I just use "search it online". It's totally neutral and everyone understands it. "duckduckgo it" sounds too weird and nerdy to avarage people IMO

@vitSkalicky Agreed - I think sticking neutral is the way to go here too. Selecting another company to use as a verb only perpetuates the problem. Love DDG, naturally - But things can change.

@arran I often write it as "google" or "googling," without giving it the honor of an uppercased initial, which to me feels like stealing a trademarked word from bigcorp and using it as everyday lingo.

(of course it gets edited to "Google" or "searched" by others reviewing my work, but still)

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