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Fedijam IV results (open voting, managed to collect 4 ratings per game)

Battery Street (by me)
Fun: 3.75
Originality: 5.0
Creative Use of the Theme: 4.0
Overall: 4.25

Surge! (by @armen, @iarebatman and
Fun: 3.0
Originality: 3.25
Creative Use of the Theme: 3.5
Overall: 3.25

To expand on what I had originally planned for my FediJam IV entry Surge:

As happiness increases, the town should expand, automatically adding neighborhoods, which put pressure on the power grid, reduces productivity - and you were supposed to have a research-tree that would add advancements like LED bulbs to cut power use by neighborhoods and "productivity projects" like the "awareness campaign", with posters saying things like "turn off the lights at night!", temporarily reducing power draw

The FediJam IV is over, and I've cleaned and polished up my submission a bit:

And while the jam time-frame didn't really allow me to put in all the features I wanted, I think it turned into an interesting prototype.

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Created my first couple of 3d #art assets for a #gamejam ever. Usually all I do is code in any project, but it feels nice to try out the creative side of things for a change! Thanks #fedijam!

I'm working on a little game for the Fedijam IV - a week long game jam with the theme "Power Saving". The game, "Surge!", will be about managing power to a town with a failing power plant - it will be up to the player to make things work with the limited power available.

If anyone feels like joining the effort, I could use help with creating audio and visual assets, 3D and UI.

Gitlab repo here:

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Looks like your 'Lure of the Pentaverse ' is having a hard time this time around ^_^

The voting is not closed yet though (i will conclude the result at 18:00 UTC when the jam starts) and we also did not make a requirement to actually participate, it was a sort of federated universe -scope poll.

And we also need at least 1 more vote for minimal sample of 10 that I declared previously.

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#fediverse #fedijam #gamedev #indiedev
Ok! FediJam IV: of Multiverse Crossroads, Bonfires and Marshmallows starts in about 5 hours! At 18:00 UTC.

Currently 5 registered participants and 20+ people in Matrix room at

At least 3 are planning federated games.
Don't like Itch? Just find a team on our #Matrix and make a #game together!

Participating or not, also vote on the theme!
10 votes (2 remaining) needed or we fall back to rng.

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Printing a keyboard! This should be a fun little project.

Looking for an excuse to start a new game project? Have a go at the 32-bit holiday Game Jam :)

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after a couple of small modifications, I got LibreSprite to compile on the pinetab :)

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⚡ Official back cover will add a hardware keyboard, wireless charging, NFC and more

"Days after announcing the PineCom PDA, the PINE team has released another blog post announcing their progress for October 2020. This includes several plans, such as the PineTime budget smartwatch finally starting shipping with the Infinitime firmware, more details on the Pinecil RISC-V soldering iron and more on the SOEdge (AI) and PineCube...."

Read more:

If I had realized the last time I was at the office would be the last time in a while, I would have brought home my keyboard and card games.. 😩


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