I want to be able to tell my friends why is better than the birdsite, so I wrote a thing: "Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch"

I want this to be as persuasive as possible to outsiders, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from Mastodon users

Zettlr 1.7 FOSS markdown editor for personal knowledge management and publishing

(submitted by DerWOK)

We shouldn't discriminate between Linux distros, but rather celebrate that you are using Linux. In the end, we are all using the same kernel.

Anyone notice the adverts at the top of my site over the last month?

Well, they're gone now and here's why...


First day on Mastodon after reading a great post by @kev!

Any tips on who to follow are very welcome! 🙏

Hola @Gina 😃 de donde eres? Que bueno ver personas hispanohablantes en mastodon!

Hello Fosstodon!

I'm 17 y.o. beginning developer, but now i'm learning .
I want to get experience in real development, so if you have interesting project I'm in.
Be patient, English is not my native language.
Vim one love!

It's easy to make blueprints using the editor, Goxel.

Here's a short tour of the features I've been using:

Hello! I'm also pbx@mastodon.social, but this account is for my pastebin site dpaste.com. Status, announcements, etc. The biggest FOSS pieces of the web app itself are and . Personally my most recent FOSS contribution was an update to the Rust tutorial.

Hey folks, super excited to start a Facebook-free online social presence and hopefully learn a lot and contribute to some projects!

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