OK, how many people here remember what Win/386 was? And how it related to the MS Cairo project?

@arivigo The first Windows I ever came in contact with was Windows/286. (We ran some Adobe product on it until I convinced the boss to get PageStream for the Amigas, and got much better output for him.)

@murph @arivigo
Once upon a time I wanted to install Windows Server 2000 but they said I need a license. I noticed the installation probed my floppy so I looked in the box, found a 5 1/4 Windows 386 floppy, and the Server 2000 accepted it. Funny.

BTW I also saw Windows 1.0 once. That was really funny.


My first was on a Blue IBM (yes, IBM) Cyrix 486 CPU

Windows 95

@arivigo windows 3.11 workstation was my fav. I riled against windows 95 and soon was dabbling in alternates as the GUI was annoying. First machine was a 386 and then I got a huge upgrade to a 486/dx2 from a local engineer firm. Actually got two and ran them in parallel

I remember 286, DOS, Win 3.1.
Don't remember Cairo thing .

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