OK, *GUYS*, this is not a dating platform. Also, I'm a total lesbian. So please, refrain from trying to contact me for personal reasons or "just wanna be friends with you," because that doesn't work at all with me.

If I happen to post some contact details on my profile is to discuss things that have to do with FOSS, tech, my blog, help with projects, you know the drill. If that leads to friendship, awesome, but as a consequence.

I block immediately as soon as I feel something feels icky.

@arivigo Men are the worst :( but good on you for being quick with the blocking

@gbrnt Hm, no, men aren't the worst. I don't believe in that kind of stuff either. In my experience (also IRL) it's always a minority who behave like this. An uncomfortable minority, of course.

@arivigo Yeah of course, I'm just not keen on them bringing down the average for my gender

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