Awesome post by @pyxel! Total recommend if you haven't read it or if you haven't tried sourcehut out! (you should, btw 👀 )

@arivigo I use Codeberg and let me compare it to SourceHut according to this article:
1. Open-Source: Both Codeberg and SourceHut are free software
2. Simple User Interface: Codeberg has a gogs-like UI, which does look like it has copied Github. SourceHut has a confusing UI in my opinion.
3. CI: I don't use it, so I won't be able to say anything
4. More than git: Codeberg doesn't have a mercurial offering, however, it is a non-profit and runs on donations, so they have to listen to communities

@lordrishav I haven't ever used Codebar myself so I can't compare, though... especially the UI part... I mean, to me sourcehut's is super intuitive but that's me...

In any case, IMO, sourcehut's main advantages come from elsewhere... Maybe I should write a post! 🤔

@lordrishav @arivigo I'm a sourcehut user and I agree that its interface can be a bit confusing. I like that its lightweight and trying something different but it could definitely use more UX polish.

I think the main selling point of sourcehut is that its email based instead of PR based. It's debatable if that's a *good thing* but that's definitely a bug part of what sourcehut is going for.

@zethra @lordrishav My only UI/UX gripe regarding is that there is no easy way to go from, let's say, from some user's projects hub to their git repos or to their trackers... the links at the top always send you back to your main pages for each subdomain.

Everything else... dunno... maybe I'm too easy to please 😅

@arivigo @pyxel I think an advantage that's not mentioned is anyone can contribute to your code without signing up for an account on your server.

@huy_ngo @arivigo @pyxel That's a *big* plus. You actually cannot contribute to closed instances of Gitea, because you have to fork the repo to PR it.

In sourcehut: patch? Email. Issue? Email. Discussion? Email.

@sfr @huy_ngo @pyxel IIRC, submit a new ticket to trackers? Email as well! 📨

@sfr @arivigo @pyxel *technically*, you can self-host the fork, then send an email to the maintainer to inform about it (what git-request-pull does), but that'd be too much struggle for the maintainer, imo.

@arivigo @pyxel Oh nice. Was expecting another "email is the best way to use git" post and was pleasantly surprised to see some other points here.

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