Today, guy I barely know has been making sexual remarks towards my physical appearance on a public chat devoted to FOSS, trying to be "funny." Nothing too offensive, but definitely not the place. Truth be told, he apologized after I told him to stop.

But, this kind of stuff made me feel *for years* coding was no place for a girl like me. I've even gone to *therapy* to overcome those feelings so I could even dare publish my code or write a blog.

This ain't a joke, guys. 馃槨


@arivigo Thanks for sharing. Stories like yours need to be told more often, especially in environments like here. I hope by the time my 7-yr old niece enters the job market, she won't have to endure the same feelings of fear, anxieties, and reluctance that you have experienced. She is so smart and into the planets and space in general. I got her addicted to one of my favorite youtubers Dr. Becky who's an astrophysicist, coder, and author. I hope my niece finds more like Becky to look up to


@unicornfarts That's awesome! I do think though that a supportive family environment is *key* in this regard. So happy to read this! 馃ぉ

I do think we're seeing improvements in the community... but I feel there's such a long road ahead of us still! I am willing to share experiences like this (if I feel comfortable) especially when they're of the "lesser" kind... but are still harmful in their own way as well (in a long term-ish way, IMO).

Thanks for your sweet words! 馃挅


@arivigo FWIW, I'm just happy that you are as brave as you are talented, and you could overcome all that s**t. Because now we have the real you, and we all can enjoy reading what you have to say, which I really do. I have no words to tell you how I loved reading all of your blog, first to last post. So please, just keep on being awesome, and f**k all narrow minded individuals. <3


@sakkara Thank you for such nice words! 馃挀 I'll try my best, that's for sure 馃槑

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