Here I am, your favorite Foreign Rights Manager (and a fire extinguisher) at the office 💪🏻

Busy Tuesday! But stopping to take a small breath (some coffee ☕ too) and get back to getting things done!

This too shall pass.

People can only yell for so long before they grow hoarse.

People can only hate for so long before their clenched fists cramp up.

People can only stew about perceived injustices and groupthink-powered world views for so long before they get tired, pass out in bed, and stop posting on tweetor. Or Masto.

The world is odd right now. Give it time. I guarantee you the rest of history had “that guy” screaming at all hours in town square.

If you notice, they aren’t remembered.

At my work (Freedom of the Press Foundation) we're still hiring for a Senior Security Engineer to join the @securedrop team.

This is a work-from-anywhere role that's great for folks who have worked in security-sensitive software engineering roles for 3+ years (with or without the SecEng title).

Non-profit & open source jobs can be few and far between. HMU if this looks of interest to you or you have questions about it :)

minitimer 4.1.0 is here! The timer for your terminal now allows you to set a command to run after the countdown is over! Link to the release notes and tarball! 👇🏻

It's settled. I've been looking for a IM solution that I could share publicly for people reaching out to me, especially in quicker ways than email. After experimenting a bit with a couple of solutions...

I'm "officially" (as if I was a celeb 😂 ) adopting for this 🙌🏻 I'm! 🙋🏻‍♀️

The price I pay for online sometimes goes beyond the expected limit.

Mostly I have to pay in time.

Getting my feet wet into matrix... thoughts? It feels... interesting, but I know there's concern about it 🧐

I like the way it handles multiple session logins and sync'ing seems to work nice. I hate that there doesn't seem to be a decent terminal client though... 🤔

"But what if you get a new device or just reinstall your chat application? Suddenly all your contacts have to decide whether to trust your new fingerprint or not. In the long run this will lead to the user just being annoyed and blindly accepting new fingerprints, ruining the concept of end-to-end encryption."

Yep, I'm also annoyed by this. Very. I only want a secure, FOSS, IM platform that isn't annoying... 😩

Contributing to free software requires privilege. Even regular contributors might sometimes find themselves without it.

Time, focus and money. You might find yourself lacking in one of these at various points in your life.

While software projects from startups move like streams, most free software projects move like glaciers. They move slowly but they keep moving for decades.

Being away from a project doesn't mean you have to give it up. You can join back later.

#FreeSoftware #Privilege

Some thoughts on the beloved/hated config.h! Yes, it's time to talk about the dreaded configuration headers that minimalist software got to resurrect! 😈

That moment in which you realize optarg can be just assigned to a char *

No need for strlcpy()! 😅

Friendly reminder, my friends... email should be plain text and wrapped at 70-75 characters! Preferably, 72! 💖

(RFC 2822 and 5322 define 78+CRLF to be the maximum line length, but if you want your email to be quotable, you need to wrap earlier, that's why people usually go for 72 characters)

(Yes, someone sent me an awfully formatted email this morning... 😑😑😑)

A bunch of new peeps on @fosstodon this week. There's no corporate algorithm here to spur engagement and drive advertising revenue. Here, you are the algorithm. You spur engagement by sending an introduction. Lurking is cool too but we'd like to get to know you.

We went from the Turing Test, where a computer tries to convince a human that it is not a computer but a real person, to Captchas, where humans try to convince a computer they're a real person, not a computer.

Side-effects of boring meetings may include... writing a VAT calculator in POSIX shell scripting *during* the meeting 😅 🤣

It just lets you add or substract VAT rates. Nothing else. Its first version helped us through the meeting, actually... Extended it a bit and boom! pushed 😎

This is a trivial script, but hey it was just for fun. Never lose the fun in coding!


Since I now have a PhD-in-hand, I'm on the job market!

Skills: Art history & archaeology, digital humanities experience! Teaching! Intro-to-programming workshops! Programming in python, Racket, HTML, CSS! Open Access, FOSS connections, community management!

You can hire me!

Oh no I just figured out how to procrastinate with cras (read at your own risk) 

@arivigo cras | grep TODO | awk '{ $1=""; $2=""; print }' | sed 's/ //' | cras -n -w $TOMORROW

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