if you are searching for a wordpress theme: themeforest.net ... found my new one

alles durch: nextcloud installation per snap, docker und händisch...and the winner is: von hand...nachträgliche anpassungen und optimierungen sind viel einfacher

took a long time to find out: how to increase php memory limit of a nextcloud docker compose inatallation.... solved

installations marathon... lubuntu, xubuntu zu ubuntu...mal wieder...ich mag das minimalistische in ubuntu,,,,die oberfläche ist schön aufgeräumt...

@Fotoente hi, du fotografierst auch ;-) cool ...hab einen kommentar von die gelesen... muss mal deinen podcast hören... gruß aus ludwigshafen

do you know a good conferencing system ? open source ? not from MS... ;-(

swiched from ubuntu to kubuntu...some years ago kde was buggy, now i'm happy

When writing about private messaging apps:

Signal — ✔️
Telegram — ❌

There are many private messengers, because everyone has unique needs.

But @Telegram@twitter.com:

- Has closed source servers
- Isn't e2ee by default
- Isn't a real private messenger



hm...switched from my new laptop with ubuntu 20.10 to xubuntu on my old laptop...love it...have to install xubuntu on my new one...must be super fast...

@aristides2 Yeah, true enough, but those are more rationalisations afterwards which many aren't realised, so they are looking for problems for their solutions :)

i always hear the word blockchain...can't find a short, good description... 😎

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