What is your choice after switching from #WhatsApp?

Please help me share.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource


What is your choice after switching from ?

For improving @ademalsasa 's poll

@arilogue thank you very much! I am the first person here. I chose Other, as mine is #Telegram. Thank you very much for your care and also improvement to my poll!

PS: just few clicks before you posted, I joined #Movim as my first experience with #XMPP thanks to friends at my poll.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Messengers

@arilogue @ademalsasa I voted Matrix because its just so hard to get people to move to p2p and the user experience is just not there. Server-based model is much better, chats get stored there, multiple clients are easy, discovery is easier, recovery from lost/stolen device is easier, etc.
For "normie" friends that just know whatsapp i send them a message that i am on signal and block them.

@Ben I agree with this, Ben. I wish I could phrase this problem like you phrase it perfectly. Thanks, I learned a lot.


@arilogue I voted Movim but really the vote is for XMPP. Movim is not your only choice there.


@arilogue @ademalsasa I uae Matrix and XMPP, but mainly XMPP so I clicked Movim (although I don't know what that is).

@qoheniac @arilogue apparently, Movim is a very amazing XMPP messaging. It is like WhatsApp + Facebook + WordPress in one place accessible via web, GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS, as well as Android and iOS.

PS: as a Telegram user, in my first day on Movim I can say it is closer to Telegram in features compared to other #Xmpp things.

@arilogue @ademalsasa I really like the idea of session, but ever since I saw that one ccc talk that connected them to an alt right chan board way past 4 I've been skeptical...
Although I hope the people behind it grew out of that phase, from what I could tell since starting session they haven't had any dumb alt right talking points in their communication and seemed to present session as useful to blm protestors due to its untraceability.

Would love to hear if anyone knows more about this


I had never actually used Whatsapp but the whole debacle it created is why I had ever heard of Element and Matrix in the first place and started using them.

@arilogue i was never on whatsapp, and i was always on xmpp, after icq.

voted for xmpp.


@norayr@թութ.հայ @arilogue @ademalsasa awww ICQ. I still remember my ID...

@arilogue congrats for this awesome poll, Ari! I chose Other and mine is #Telegram.

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