In the last year Google has banned: the Element app, the LBRY app, and several Fediverse apps. If you get all of your apps from a single corporation, be it Google or Apple, you should make an effort to change that.

If you have an Android phone F-Droid is an alternative app repository, and it’s very easy to install! All of the previously mentioned apps have been available from F-Droid throughout being dropped from the Play Store.

If you have an iPhone, please consider other options for your next device. Apple does not respect you enough as a user to consider you possibly more capable of deciding what you should install on your phone than they are. That is absurd; please stop rewarding this behavior with your money.

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@rudolf btw this example is only in this hashtag and only for Japanese language. This is happening to all non-English langauges and all blocked instances. This is

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@rudolf In search write "". When you click it you will see a lot of photos from various instances. I did a tab to my dashboard (that you will see in attachment) there is tons of hashtag that I follow. In that tab only a few sharings you can see from that hashtag. Why? Because some instances are blocking because they are from Japan... When you are in a accepted instance and posting language is flagged as English than your tootings will shown in my photography hashtags tab...

I sent an e-mail to the instance moderation, but I get no answer. They blocks some instances, they blocks non-English sharings in public and they also sends you warning if you share in different languages.

While Mastodon is a form against censorship, closed source code, monopoly on social media, especially when we're talking about censorship on Mastodon right now, how many of us can see the censorship that's being imposed on us on Mastodon?

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I can't see posts on the hashtag "tokyocameraclub" because they are in Japanese. I wonder who and what harmful photos in this hashtag are prevented from being viewed.

Lastly I open a profile on a separate page, I notice that sharings a lot of than I see on Mastodon.

I can see Mastodon profiles of people with IDN domains on a separate page, but I can't follow them on Mastodon.
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