In case you haven't done it yet, you should give a look to the @fsf's new extension JShelter, which blocks JavaScript threats like malware, tracking and fingerprinting.

Of course, in an ideal world, nobody would allow JavaScript to run at all, but many websites people NEED to use require you to run JavaScript, so better be safe in that case too.

@pyre35 @fsf yes, they are in the process of rebranding everything to JShelter

@arielcostas @pyre35 @fsf Information on the website are pretty light for now. What is the difference/advantages compared to umatrix?

@wwwgem @pyre35 @fsf umatrix is unmaintained

Also, this extension doesn't restrict JavaScript. Instead, it spoofs every piece of data usable to track you via JavaScript, and prevents running malicious code

@arielcostas @pyre35 @fsf Ok. I couldn't find that umatrix is unmaintained, there was an update only 3 months ago. Do you have more info on this situation? Also umatrix can perform spoofing. I will wait for Jshelter to provide more information before testing it. It's nice to see more tools like that out there !

@wwwgem @pyre35 @fsf uMatrix is archived on GitHub

And I agree: JShelter lacks some "user friendliness" features, though it works excellently

@arielcostas @pyre35 @fsf I noticed the github status but other websites and the extension page seems to still be active. Anyway, future will tell. In the meantime thanks for sharing Jshelter. I'll keep an eye on it. Umatrix is not really noob friendly either so I don't mind but I'm missing detailed info about Jshelter. The website is still in construction so these info may be added later.

@arielcostas @pyre35 @fsf After talking to others, umatrix is unfortunately deprecated ( and ). I know I'm late here but this is a very sad news to me. Will see how the advanced mode of ublock or Jshelter compare to what used to be the best extensions of the very few I'm using.

@wwwgem @pyre35 @fsf the advanced mode of uBlock and JShelter work great together: uBO blocks a large part of trackers and crap, and JShelter makes sure the scripts uBO allows (first-party...) don't do sketchy things

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