Internet is a place where:

People sharing corporation's "property" is compared to attacking ships (piracy)

Corporations sharing between them user's data is "respecting their privacy" and "improving their services"


@arielcostas Yes but also no 😂

I agree that sharing user data is not ok, piracy isn't ok either though.

@AaronTheIssueGuy when the options are that or installing a DRM malware on your device, I prefer "stealing"


I'm fine with DRM as long as you call it 'renting' or 'leasing' or something similar and not 'buying'.


@deusfigendi @AaronTheIssueGuy you're not buying/renting/leasing, you're getting a license you can't share and forces you to install proprietary malware to your computer. And even trying to bypass that program is illegal itself.

So no, I don't agree with DRM not even a bit

@arielcostas yeah what? Piracy is equivalent to stealing… people put money and time into something and want money out of it. Privacy on the other hand isn’t something that you are putting time into, you are putting no money or time into Facebook for you making money. Again privacy does have to be more upfront IMO.

@caughtquick @arielcostas Privacy is a basic human right, piracy doesn't infringe on any.

@arielcostas @Palanix you are willingly agree to give up your privacy though. Stealing digital goods however is similar to stealing physical ones IMO.

@arielcostas @Palanix It however isn’t as bad cause it doesn’t cost the original owner, while physically stealing does.

@caughtquick @arielcostas no you don't willingly give up your privacy. ask one person how much data Google collects about them and they don't know. they lie about this, spread misinformation and make it seem normal.

@Palanix @arielcostas Badly phrased. Lack of privacy is horrible. I meant more to say that I don’t think that piracy is completely ethically okay. Privacy violations from google and other companies are just as disgustingly horrible though.

@caughtquick @Palanix you "consent" but not exactly, only because it's the fastest way to get what you want: nobody reads a 4 pages ToS page, or the Windows EULA or the cookie policy, they only click the big, flashy green button saying "I accept"

@caughtquick I don't think "piracy" in computers is stealing, the owner is not losing their copy. It gets more people to listen to that music or play that proprietary game, and they would've probably not paid for it, so they didn't "lose money".

I'd prefer a way of supporting artists directly without buying a full album or a DRMd license for a song


And also "improving your experience" by "showing you more relevant ads" :trashfire:

Guess we'd need to find a physical-world phrase/analogy for privacy invasion, akin to the piracy analogy.
#privacy #framing

German translation 

@arielcostas Das Internet ist ein Ort, wo es folgendermaßen aussieht:

Wenn Leute Unternehmens"eigentum" teilen, wird das mit Schiffsangriffen verglichen (Piraterie).

Wenn Unternehmen untereinander Nutzerdaten austauchen, ist das "Wir respektieren Ihre Privatsphäre" und "Um unsere Services zu verbessern".


#Privatsphäre #copyright

@arielcostas keep in mind that most of the ships being attacked belonged to the East India Company

@arielcostas Don't be so negative, or you could upset the "happy few" of the internet with their need for simpleton optimism and dull happiness.

Start a business! Dream big, build rockets, become the next John Musty!

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