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There is no system but GNU, and Linux is one of its kernels.

Windows is better than Linux because it comes bloated by default and you don't have to install malware yourself

For which excuse are applications from the public administration not released as Free Software. Those are paid with people's money, and people must have the four freedoms on that program.

But I can't do this while using a remote repository, can I?

I mean, to test the CI pipeline works, I need to commit and push every time, and launch the pipeline. If I push to remote, I can not then rebase (squash) those commits

"Convinced a python developer to try out JS. Safe to say he's really enjoying it so far."

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Vaccines should be a tool to reopen doors. Digital vaccine passports, as we've seen them deployed so far, are far more likely to slam them shut.

Do you have a special trick to deal with those common situations:

1️⃣ You are reading a very long article without headlines in the browser and you have to stop.

2️⃣ Alternatively, you are watching a long video on YouTube and have to stop.

👉 Next time you continue, you have to find the position you stopped, manually.

❓ Of course you could take a note in some way and use that, but in the digital world there should be smarter solutions. Do you know any?

People: "your commit messages should be meaningful"
Me, an idiot:

At what point instead of being Linux or GNU/Linux, our systems will be totally Systemd?

What you're referring to Linux is in fact SystemdOS, or as I've recently taken to call it, SoystemD. Linux is not a system onto itself but rather the base of Systemd-kerneld, made useful by systemd-utilsd, systemd-packagemanagerd and systemd-editord

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Twitter felt many times like speaking to a wall, coming to the Fediverse was a great restriction. Instead of finding new accounts only by people I follow or some dirty algorithm picks for me, I find interesting accounts on the Local and Federated timelines.

Polr lo había visto, pero no me acordaba el nombre, gracias!

Es que en el repositorio awesome-selfhosted hay varias opciones pero todas usan una base de datos completa, y me parece un poco matar moscas a cañonazos

People of the Fediverse, any suggestions for a small, free as in freedom link shortener to self-host?

For my personal use, not expecting it to be for public usage. I've seen many but they require an actual SQL database, when it could probably be a couple lines of PHP or CGI, but don't want to build it myself

Software News: Ubuntu to install Firefox as a Snap

There are no words to express how much I hate snaps, really, fuck you Canonical.

all the way, Ubuntu without shit

- "I'm nobody, why would X want to spy on me?"
+ Because they don't spy specific people, it's a mass surveillance system created to spy on everyone they can as much as possible.

This is what happens when you program at 1AM.

You're mad at your code for not working, but it's really your brain not thinking

¡Nueva web 3.0 de NoGAFAM!

He optado por un diseño más simple y atractivo, y una historia corta pero eficiente. Además, las alternativas se explican en un formato guay que yo creo que es el mejor que puede existir 😉

Opiniones? Feedback?


Hi @pixelfed, I can't create a personal access token because I supposedly need a "personal access client", but I find nowhere to create it.

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