VQGAN + CLIP "A small treehouse on top of a hill, next to the side of a field. | realistic renderings of fantastic scenes" twitter.com/ak92501/status/142

The Argos Translate/LibreTranslate split has also helped with this because we can ship more manual features like transliteration today in LibreTranslate today that the Argos Translate models can't currently handle. It's exciting to see one of the leading autonomous driving stacks being built open source!

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Con youtu.be/gWZADVzVMFs They're planning to do navigation by feeding the navigation UI to the neural net like another camera. Their strategy of doing things as end to end as possible seems, in general, very right. George Hotz said something about along the lines of "only writing code that will be in the finished product". I think with machine learning this is very good advice and something I've tried to do with Argos Translate.

arxiv.org/abs/2107.11906 We describe an efficient hierarchical method to compute attention in the Transformer architecture. The proposed attention mechanism exploits a matrix structure similar to the Hierarchical Matrix (H-Matrix) [...] and has linear run time and memory complexity. [...] Our method is superior to alternative sub-quadratic proposals by over +6 points on average on the Long Range Arena benchmark.

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