Argos Translate now supports Indonesian!

Argos Translate sekarang mendukung bahasa Indonesia!

Too many people using, a good problem to have!

Argos Translate now supports Vietnamese!

Argos Dịch giờ hỗ trợ Việt Nam!

"See CPython run: Getting to know your Python interpreter" - James Bennett (North Bay Python 2019) @ubernostrum @northbaypython

Argos Translate 1.3 live on PyPI

- argospm CLI tool
- CLI improvements
- Experimental sentence boundary detection using OpenNMT Seq2Seq model
- Removed requests dependency

WikiMatrix is way more interesting than I originally thought.

They generate sentence embedding for every sentence in Wikipedia and then use the distance between these embedding to identify parallel sentences. This allows them to find parallel sentences that are semantically similar *even if they were written independently*

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