I'm starting work on a C++ translation engine based on CTranslate2, suggestions are appreciated. github.com/argosopentech/Metal

SimplyTranslate does private online translation with no JavaScript required, it supports LibreTranslate, Google Translate, and several other translation APIs. simplytranslate.org/?engine=li

Just tried to buy an ebook on the Kindle app for Android and couldn't because Google prohibits it if they don't get a cut. The app store situation is really getting ridiculous.

I am cautiously and slightly unnervingly looking forward to the gradual and inevitable unification of language, images/video and audio in foundation models. I think that's going to look pretty wild. - Andrew Karpathy

Adding “Let’s think step by step” to a GPT-3 prompt can improve arithmetic performance by over 30%


Google Translate is using few shot translation to support low resource languages without as much data available ai.googleblog.com/2022/05/24-n

Argos Translate 1.7.0 is live

- Improved examples and documentation
- Use multiple links for redundancy and load balancing
- Add logger namespace
- CTranslate2 updates

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