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Ruby off the Rails: Code library yanked over license blunder, sparks chaos for half a million projects.

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Hey @disroot, I wanted to sign up for your email service using custom domains but it seems that the feature is currently disabled.

Any plans/ideas on when it'll be back?

Do you think I should host my own email server or just use a service like ?

Switched my e-sim to normal and now I'm not receiving any texts/OTPs. 😑

No online transactions for me for the next 24 hours.

Does anyone know how to check the number of queries processed by a hosted instance?

Moved away from and finally got around to set up my own instance.

However, doesn't seem to resolve it, I wonder why.
It's been 3 days now, DNS propagation shouldn't take this long.

It's time to try .

Proud to see fellow developing such a beautiful distro.

Is there a good translation extension for Firefox that can translate the webpage right in the same tab like it happens in Chromium-based browsers?

Solved the issue.

Turns out when you are running Ansible playbook with the check flag, it's not adding the repo to the sources at all and then throwing the "package not found" error.

Shouldn't have relied blindly on the check flag, so stupid of me 😑

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Was spending the on playbooks after about a year and now I'm stuck with the following issue:

Any help is appreciated. :)

Which do you prefer/use daily?

So won’t allow me to tweet a Telegram/Matrix group link apparently.

We have a group for for .

I bridged the group to the Matrix network today and is now also available at

Feel free to join.
are appreciated. :)

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Do you want more people to notice your posts on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

✅ Use hashtags on your public posts if you want people to find them. For privacy reasons, the only way to search on Mastodon is by hashtag, so if there are no hashtags the posts will not appear in search results.

It is totally ok to use lots of hashtags if your posts deals with lots of different topics! Don't be embarassed to have a list of hashtags at the end 😄

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #Hashtags

Just signed up on @cryptpad and I'm loving the experience so far.

However, the individual files seem to ask for a password before upload or on the access window. Can't seem to understand why that password is needed or what's the use of that password.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

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