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Which do you prefer/use daily?

So won’t allow me to tweet a Telegram/Matrix group link apparently.

We have a group for for .

I bridged the group to the Matrix network today and is now also available at

Feel free to join.
are appreciated. :)

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Do you want more people to notice your posts on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

✅ Use hashtags on your public posts if you want people to find them. For privacy reasons, the only way to search on Mastodon is by hashtag, so if there are no hashtags the posts will not appear in search results.

It is totally ok to use lots of hashtags if your posts deals with lots of different topics! Don't be embarassed to have a list of hashtags at the end 😄

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #Hashtags

Just signed up on @cryptpad and I'm loving the experience so far.

However, the individual files seem to ask for a password before upload or on the access window. Can't seem to understand why that password is needed or what's the use of that password.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

issues 140 pardons & commutations on last day of Presidency but Assange & Snowden not on the list.

Wish something good had emerged from all the evil acts but nope.

It's been 2 months of me being away from here.

Multiple personal crises within a short span of time had taken a severe toll on my mental health and a break from all social media was needed to preserve and invest whatever energy I had on stuff that mattered the most.

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Please consider boosting.

This is me screaming across the fediverse. I'm looking for people that used the original Seesmic before the service was shut down in 2009. I feel like if I were to reconnect with anyone from there, they'd be on the fediverse in 2020.

For context, Seesmic was a cross between YouTube and Twitter. Micro-video blogging with threaded conversations, no commenting, only videos.

I feel with a custom PeerTube instance we can maybe recreate what once was, what do you think?

requires a Service Request raised to set Reverse DNS on their instances which isn't mentioned anywhere in the official documentation.

I fumbled with it for days before I raised a SR thinking I must misconfigured something.

And, now, it has been open for 3 days and they still couldn't set the rDNS from their end. *sigh*

Good to see trending on .

Which means either cares about or we got enough Indians on Mastodon to make it trend.

How do you run your email service? Do you self-host or use a provider? How much does it cost usually?

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Note on the #youtubedl DMCA takedown this night.

In a very unusual turn RIAA justifies the takedown request with EU/German law and claim US analogy to EU rules. (the attachment with a copy of the Hamburg court rule they refer to somehow not linked, one can only guess that this links to §95a UrhG).

Finally have my minimal personal site up & running.

Built with ❤️ and , hosted using .

I hope .deep becomes a valid TLD in the near future so I can get a domain like arghya.deep


I've some ideas about extending to newer realms.

Anyone willing to collab?

Would require knowledge in and probably .

Boosts are appreciated. :)

So I recently came across , a cleaner version of built directly from source and minus the telemetry shit.

Tried it out and might be placebo but Codium seems snappier than Code.

Here’s the link in case you wanna switch too:

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