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If there’s a task on a website that I need to do later, I usually leave that browser tab open to remember it.

Usually, this way, I end up having 30 or more tabs running simultaneously.

I wish there was a feature which would let me archive the tabs at a single place and get back to them later.

Was using @tootleapp in and the app seemed to be accessing my clipboard every time I launched it, even when the app state was stored in memory and it just resumed.

Released v0.0.3!


- Added support for multi-face detection.
- Redirecting to opencv4js npm package to obtain the updated opencv.js file easily.
- Integrated Sonarqube for code scanning and detect bugs/issues/smells in code.
- Integrated Jest for unit testing.
- Code coverage- 94.4%.
- README updates to provide more clarity.

v1.0.0 will be arriving by next week.

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Implemented in one of my projects and it gave me such a hard time failing the scans.

Finally managed to get 94.4% code coverage with 0 issues.

It's a really great tool to detect bugs and the minor code smells you might have easily overlooked and improves the quality of your code drastically.

v0.0.2 is out now!

- Minor code tweaks.
- Github Actions workflow added to automate publishing to npm registry.
- Documentation updated with relevant details on how to use the package.

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Was helping out a friend with some code, ended up creating a package.

It uses to detect faces from an image and crops the faces out.

One of the use cases of this package can be creating thumbnails/previews showing just the faces from the original picture.

P.S. - The pre-release version is out now. More enhancements coming soon.

is weird.

It throws warnings about secure connections when it should be the other way around.

How much do you spend on servers on a monthly basis for personal purposes like hosting sites/blogs?

Finally succeeded in connecting to my remote server codebase after an hour of efforts.

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I hate to ask, but here goes.

I'm looking for a role as a . or . Preferably where I have previous work ex from.

I've been looking a while and nothing with the right fit has come along. Work life balance is super important. If UK, happy to work completely in your timezone!

My site is and I'm happy to email you my CV/resume. Will start immediately once we're on the same page. 💯


Just signed up on for my cloud requirements. Their pricing seemed simple and reasonable.

Let me know if there's a better service out there.

Just saw this in .
Allowed me to choose only 5 songs. It was a damn hard job. 😓

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theme on @tootleapp seemed a bit monotonous.

So, created this . I’m calling it .

Feel free to ping me, if you’re interested; I can share the details.

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