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Finally succeeded in connecting to my remote server codebase after an hour of efforts.

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I hate to ask, but here goes.

I'm looking for a role as a . or . Preferably where I have previous work ex from.

I've been looking a while and nothing with the right fit has come along. Work life balance is super important. If UK, happy to work completely in your timezone!

My site is and I'm happy to email you my CV/resume. Will start immediately once we're on the same page. 💯


Just signed up on for my cloud requirements. Their pricing seemed simple and reasonable.

Let me know if there's a better service out there.

Just saw this in .
Allowed me to choose only 5 songs. It was a damn hard job. 😓

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theme on @tootleapp seemed a bit monotonous.

So, created this . I’m calling it .

Feel free to ping me, if you’re interested; I can share the details.

Succumbing to cheap tactics to gain followers.

Here you go:

is hosting 2020 to learn, explore, network, and transform the future of software delivery.

And, guess what, registration is now live and completely free!!

Are you coming?

Normal people: I can't wait for the weekend to finally relax.

Developers: I can't wait for the weekend to finally work on my side projects.

Link of my basic personal site is finally up and in this profile.

Now, you know, it's really me. 😀

Sr. DevOps Engineer on weekdays.

enthusiast and contributor on weekends/holidays.

Other than that, I've a penchant for fiction novels, photography and anything related to the world.

July, 2010 - I joined .

Sept, 2020 - I decided to take my microblogging to a decentralised platform and joined today.

It took me 10 years to understand the fallacies of a centralised network and finally make a switch.


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