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That's an interesting observation how the season and holidays affect the activity of users on a social media.

@mhamzahkhan My usual go to message is "Minor fix".
Never state what the fix is for.

@floppy But it can only be accessed from their nameservers or if you are running your own nameserver. So your website will be unaccessible by most of the people.

@arivigo @sotolf I agree, will keep that in mind next time.

Thanks for the dating tips. πŸ€—

@arivigo @sotolf That's true but not the case always unfortunately.

You might be trying too hard and can't help it or you are really pinning your hopes on one and trying to be at your best.

@arivigo @sotolf I so wish a official documentation existed to follow on dates.
Probably won't end blowing them all up on a regular basis.

@arivigo @sotolf how about on the nth date, where n >=10 say maybe?

@celia I understand your intentions and I respect you for that.
I was just trying to point out the general outlook on this.

@celia Follower count is a flex these days and it doesn't affect you to have faceless, nameless, no-activity accounts in the followers list.

So, I doubt if anyone will put in the efforts for that.

My first PR was merged today!

It was for a IRC bot written in Python.

@arivigo Hope you receive a bunch load of messages and get the feels of a celeb too... 🀞🏼

@scylla The reptile or the language?
Or was it a python coding in Python?

@nilix That's what I gotta do I guess - Define the contract well.

Because, till now, I was charging a lumpsum amount for delivering the project which allowed them to make innumerable changes to it.


@surendrajat Depends on the client in case of a full time job.

Like at my workplace, our client define their requirements well in the user stories of JIRA. Also, we always get to refine the stories and seek more clarity, if needed, before we actually start working on them.


The worst thing about freelancing is clients changing their requirements at every single demo.

@celia You know what sucks more, Daylight savings.

Especially, when you don't have one and the other person gets it.

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