Weekends to is time for hobby projects.
Worked half of my Sunday and fixed the issues.

v0.0.5 is published finally.


- Fixed a major issue with exceptions.
- Better error handling with appropriate messages.
- New parameter factor introduced which helps in modifying the cropped area of face.
- More unit test cases added.
- Code Coverage enhanced to 99%.

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Just released v0.0.4!


- Function API has been modified to reduce complexity.
- Fixes in loading pre-trained classifier files.
- Added .npmignore file.
- Reduced package size to less than a MB.
- Added unit test cases for the new developments.
- Moved to Codecov from Sonarqube.
- Achieved 95% code coverage.
- README updates with images added.

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Released v0.0.3!


- Added support for multi-face detection.
- Redirecting to opencv4js npm package to obtain the updated opencv.js file easily.
- Integrated Sonarqube for code scanning and detect bugs/issues/smells in code.
- Integrated Jest for unit testing.
- Code coverage- 94.4%.
- README updates to provide more clarity.

v1.0.0 will be arriving by next week.

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Implemented in one of my projects and it gave me such a hard time failing the scans.

Finally managed to get 94.4% code coverage with 0 issues.

It's a really great tool to detect bugs and the minor code smells you might have easily overlooked and improves the quality of your code drastically.

v0.0.2 is out now!

- Minor code tweaks.
- Github Actions workflow added to automate publishing to npm registry.
- Documentation updated with relevant details on how to use the package.

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Was helping out a friend with some code, ended up creating a package.

It uses to detect faces from an image and crops the faces out.

One of the use cases of this package can be creating thumbnails/previews showing just the faces from the original picture.

P.S. - The pre-release version is out now. More enhancements coming soon.



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