Got my hands on an Android and started using @Tusky.

As much as I love the app, I believe the empty space on the left under the profile photo is such a waste especially for ones with less wider screens.

Is there any way to change the layout that I'm not aware of?

Good to see trending on .

Which means either cares about or we got enough Indians on Mastodon to make it trend.

theme on @tootleapp seemed a bit monotonous.

So, created this . I’m calling it .

Feel free to ping me, if you’re interested; I can share the details.

July, 2010 - I joined .

Sept, 2020 - I decided to take my microblogging to a decentralised platform and joined today.

It took me 10 years to understand the fallacies of a centralised network and finally make a switch.


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