Solved the issue.

Turns out when you are running Ansible playbook with the check flag, it's not adding the repo to the sources at all and then throwing the "package not found" error.

Shouldn't have relied blindly on the check flag, so stupid of me 😑

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Is there any CI-CD tool that is free for opensource projects and doesn't require a Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket account?

Need to implement CI-CD for my projects in @codeberg but most of the major ones don't seem to support anything outside the three mentioned above.

Weekends to is time for hobby projects.
Worked half of my Sunday and fixed the issues.

v0.0.5 is published finally.


- Fixed a major issue with exceptions.
- Better error handling with appropriate messages.
- New parameter factor introduced which helps in modifying the cropped area of face.
- More unit test cases added.
- Code Coverage enhanced to 99%.

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Just released v0.0.4!


- Function API has been modified to reduce complexity.
- Fixes in loading pre-trained classifier files.
- Added .npmignore file.
- Reduced package size to less than a MB.
- Added unit test cases for the new developments.
- Moved to Codecov from Sonarqube.
- Achieved 95% code coverage.
- README updates with images added.

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Released v0.0.3!


- Added support for multi-face detection.
- Redirecting to opencv4js npm package to obtain the updated opencv.js file easily.
- Integrated Sonarqube for code scanning and detect bugs/issues/smells in code.
- Integrated Jest for unit testing.
- Code coverage- 94.4%.
- README updates to provide more clarity.

v1.0.0 will be arriving by next week.

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Implemented in one of my projects and it gave me such a hard time failing the scans.

Finally managed to get 94.4% code coverage with 0 issues.

It's a really great tool to detect bugs and the minor code smells you might have easily overlooked and improves the quality of your code drastically.

v0.0.2 is out now!

- Minor code tweaks.
- Github Actions workflow added to automate publishing to npm registry.
- Documentation updated with relevant details on how to use the package.

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is hosting 2020 to learn, explore, network, and transform the future of software delivery.

And, guess what, registration is now live and completely free!!

Are you coming?


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