Nothing beats a strong cup of roadside tea and a smoke on a chilly night.

Stayed up till 7:30 am to finish this one.
Really unputdownable.

Got my hands on an Android and started using @Tusky.

As much as I love the app, I believe the empty space on the left under the profile photo is such a waste especially for ones with less wider screens.

Is there any way to change the layout that I'm not aware of?

It's time to try .

Proud to see fellow developing such a beautiful distro.

Hey @codeberg
I was trying to migrate a repo from to and it seems to be stuck. Has been like this for about 8 hours now.

How can I kill the process, delete the repo and redo the migration?

is weird.

It throws warnings about secure connections when it should be the other way around.

Just saw this in .
Allowed me to choose only 5 songs. It was a damn hard job. 😓

theme on @tootleapp seemed a bit monotonous.

So, created this . I’m calling it .

Feel free to ping me, if you’re interested; I can share the details.

is hosting 2020 to learn, explore, network, and transform the future of software delivery.

And, guess what, registration is now live and completely free!!

Are you coming?


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