Suggest me a good based laptop for coding preferably within 50k INR or 700 USD.

Should be available in or can be shipped to .

@hund I use a Thinkpad at work and it broke around the hinges so I'm not really sure about those.

@arghyadeep The one brand that's known for its ridiculous quality.

@hund Exactly. That surprised me too. And, happened not just around one hinge but both without any droppage or anything of that sort.

I'm starting to doubt my laptop handling capabilities. Coz I've broken a Vaio too before.

@arghyadeep It could be you, it could be an unfortunate manufacturing error and it could be the universe fault. Who knows, but I don't think you call them out for it. :)

@hund I should give them a second chance I guess and try to mend my ways while I'm at it.

Also, do they overheat?
My work one does but I'm sure it's probably because of the bunch of bogus "security" software that they force-install.

@arghyadeep As long as you take good care of it, it shouldn't be any issues with heat. A lot of people run Gentoo on them. I used one via work about 10-13 years ago, so I'm not that experienced with them personally.



I'd second a used Thinkpad, depending on what spec you require and how much work you want to put into it, you may be able to get 2 or 3 for your budget (spares?)

If thinkpads are not robust enough for you, consider a look at toughbooks, or similar.

@arghyadeep Used ThinkPad it's a good thing. You can buy a refurbished one and upgrade it.

@arghyadeep I think the cheapest way is to buy a windows laptop, ask retail to not include windows and save 10k₹. Install Linux on it.

I use old lenovo. Still good for Linux, but need to buy New or need total upgrade

@arghyadeep I didn't really get what you mean by a 'linux based laptop'. Anything works as far as the hardware goes along with the distro.
I have Amd processor and integrated graphics and the Kernel has awesome support for it. Be on the lookout for this in any brand you like. :dab:

@prirai Well, I wanted to ask for a laptop which may or may not have Windows installed.
Because, in my place, if you ask for a laptop they automatically consider you need one with Windows pre-installed.

Could have worded my toot better, I guess.

@arghyadeep Even my laptop came with Windows preinstalled and I use with an 80 gb space just for games. In addition to it, I use debian based Pop OS and rpm based Fedora.
Triple booted system in essence. If you don't need Windows at all, you do a clean install with a distro of your choice.
An 8 year old 2 gb laptop which is my brother's now has Lubuntu installed and it seems like new. Tell me if you have more questions. :screwattack:

@prirai I have my personal laptop dual booted too with and .
But, unfortunately, it broke and it's very had to use right now.

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