@arghyadeep I run mpd as music server locally, as in it's on the same machine as client.

@arghyadeep I use my Jellyfin server for streaming music and it works great. Web client on the desktop and Gelli on Android (f-droid.org/packages/com.dkana).

@andri I liked and how it can be run as a docker container.

Do you know of any iOS apps whcih supports music specifically like Gelli on Android?

@arghyadeep Don't know anything about iOS, sorry. It works great in a mobile browser as well, but that's probably not what you're after integration-wise.

@arghyadeep I do it using nextcloud + ampache. It works pretty good.

@klixto How do you handle new music uploads?

Is there any way to use youtube-dl to get the music downloaded right into the server?

@arghyadeep I just upload it in the nextcloud folder and its update automatically, because it is integrated with nextcloud music app. Yes, pretty sure that you can use youtube-dl for it.

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