Tried signing up on yesterday with my mail id under my own domain name. They refused right away stating it as invalid email while my old Gmail worked perfectly fine.

Took it to and reported it tagging their official account. They reached out to me soon and took some details and reported back to me after a couple of hours stating that they have fixed the issue from their end. Yet to try it out tho.

I'm glad for this small win against . 😊

@arghyadeep having to resort to Twitter for reporting bugs is no win against BigTech at all 😂

@derp That's the irony, I guess.

Well, I probably could have contacted their Customer Support directly and worked it out in the same manner.

I'll give them the benefit of doubt and take the blame on myself for using .

@arghyadeep it's irony indeed, because interaction with BigTech on Twitter is public shaming rather than technical bug reporting.

@derp Yeah and maybe that's why it works so well.

Not the best approach but it works.

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