@arghyadeep Just look at his other articles and the about page:

> Privacy-Watchdog’s Purpose: I’ve learned that most security researchers are pussies. They don’t have the testicles to write the truth about a company.

> My Security: Yes I am running a wordpress site using Cloudflare for DNS. When you get to be my age you can do whatever the fuck you want also.

There's more to read. I'll just leave it at this. No more words are necessary.

@hund @arghyadeep yeah, it's... Quite the character. Interesting "about" page.

@yarmo @arghyadeep @hund indeed the guy is really grasping at straws to try to run smear campaigns. Before reading anything, it was obvious that not only is #privacyWatchdogIO using a #CloudFlare DNS, they are proxying through CF with a config to block Tor users. The About page really makes it clear the guy is a jackass.

@hund @arghyadeep @yarmo He says look at the content instead of the hypocrisy of his web organization. His dirt on Disroot relies on a citation of an article that doesn't even name Disroot: zdnet.com/article/dutch-police

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