Do you think I should host my own email server or just use a service like ?

@arghyadeep I've never hosted my own server but every person I know that has, quit saying it was untenable.

@arghyadeep if selfhosting, give a go. I have little knowledge about email servers but I seriously never had problems using this. Every (frequent) update has run smoothly to the point that it surprises me.

@yarmo I've tried mailcow as well as Docker-Mailserver in the past for a short while.

The simplicity & resource utilization of docker-mailserver was amazing to say the least.

@arghyadeep I selfhost and have issues sending email to Microsoft (hosted) email accounts, but everything else works fine; it's a iffy on weather you can reply to an email or not when you don't know what other people are setup with

@arghyadeep if it’s receive-only, self-hosting should be fine. Otherwise, definitely use a service

@blueberry Not receive only. I was planning to migrate all my personal mails.

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