How do you run your email service? Do you self-host or use a provider? How much does it cost usually?

@arghyadeep Tutanota is free, although I recommend supporting free services you use, and offers secure encrypted email.

@arghyadeep I have self-hosted my email for the post 6-7 years, using a handcrafted setup till recently when I switched to using Mailcow ( on a 5€/month Hetzner VPS. Ymmv.

@arghyadeep I'm mid-migration over to and have Burner Mail with a custom domain in-front so my actual address is never shared.

@gray That's what I'm thinking to do.
How do you run your burner mail with the custom domain?

@arghyadeep You'll need a "Premium" account with them. Once you have that, you'll get an option to add a custom domain. You add some MX records and away it goes. Incredibly simple.

The browser extension adds a small button in any email field on a page. When you sign up to something, just click that and it will generate a servicename.324jl3@yourdomain and autofill the form.

Overall, pleasant experience for the last few months. Need to contact them about maybe adding a second domain though :/.

@gray @arghyadeep I use as well. They're cheap (1 euro per month) and they work good. I'm not sure what to think about no spambox and the web interface is horrendous. It makes me cry every time I have to use.

I also miss application passwords and a few other features, but they're overall alright.

@arghyadeep both, deliverability being an issue on small mail servers I host my own for FOSS stuff and for important mails a hosted one from a known provider.

Cost of the selfhosted one is essential "free", I already had a vps I could throw the server on.

@reto How do you host? Mailcow or anything similar?

@arghyadeep nah, postfix/dovecot from scratch.

I don't like magic black boxes I've no clue how they work.

Learning / setup was... painful. Email is horribly broken and it shows in the number of hoops you need to jump through to have a decent setup. Upstream defaults are pretty bad (very open, almost no validation turned on)
@arghyadeep to be fair, postfix has a large number of possible use cases, their defaults simply aren't meant to be used out of the box for an internet facing server I guess.

There are a gazillion different ways of managing it and with lots of complexity you can get easily lost in a sea of choices.

@arghyadeep I hope that article includes a good amount of information on securing the installation.

Beware of HOWTOs containing incomplete or inaccurate information.

I've been running a Postfix/Cyrus-IMAPd setup for many years now. The initial setup (involving SASL and LDAP) was lengthy and you need to add milters to do things like DKIM, SPF and DMARC (and integrate those into DNS) to have the slightest chance of delivering your email these days.

@neildarlow It did look too simple to be secure.

Thanks for the advice, I'll be careful. :)

@arghyadeep, they allow custom domain, smtp/imap and are very simple and open about how and what they provide.

Also, there's this post:

@arghyadeep I use the premium plan for €12 a year, which seems very reasonable for what you get.

@arghyadeep you can do it for free using but consider donating 🙂

@lopeztel Yunohost looks promising but how secure is it?

Also, I can only point my subdomain to the Yunohost server. Can I get a mail address like something@domain.tld inspite of that?

@arghyadeep I'm no expert but I know they automatically configure a firewall and fail2ban for you + SSL certificates. You'd have to check subdomain support per app. At least I know that the ones I use do (nextcloud, piwigo, gitea, rain loop, shell in a box) with the only exception being wordpress


"I don't.
I use GMail.
It doesn't cost me anything."
is the most common response you might have got if you had straight-talking talkative responders.

Somebody a bit more involved might add:
"The G may make money off it, so it reads my plaintext e-mail, maps my social graph, etc. But I ignore it, because beggars can't be choosers."

@wyatwerp What if I told you you can get your own mail for free or maybe an euro/month.
Would you do it? Or still choose to ignore Google's monstrosity?

@arghyadeep, etc.? mail-as-a-service is an option, i know. not many do it.

@arghyadeep I run a mail server with 175 users (currently) and pay $20/mo for the VPS that can easily accomodate many more. If you were to run your own, you would likely be fine with something that costs $5/mo.

If you’re interested in running a mail server, this is by far the best guide I’ve found. Google, Yahoo, etc. will mark your emails as spam for the first month or so but, as your reputation is established, they’ll gradually go straight to the recipient’s inbox.

@amolith I'm thinking of using .

As for the reputation, do I need to send mails to friends for the big providers and get them to whitelist me?

@arghyadeep I host mine on Digital Ocean using #mailinabox. Surprisingly easy to set up, just follow the instructions on their website. It's been running smoothly for a couple of months now.

@andre posteo looked good but doesn’t have custom domain support

@arghyadeep I have someone else host it and it costs me $35 a year.
I have access to the Zone Record and can add alternate mail exchangers.
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