Is there any CI-CD tool that is free for opensource projects and doesn't require a Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket account?

Need to implement CI-CD for my projects in @codeberg but most of the major ones don't seem to support anything outside the three mentioned above.

@arghyadeep @codeberg you can spin up up a Jenkins container . As for hosted aws and gcp have a generous free tier

@Hawkpro @codeberg That's the backup plan if nothing else works out.

Thanks for the suggestion though. :)

@brandon @codeberg Login allowed with Github only. The other option is hosting it as a docker container.

@arghyadeep Is codeberg running gitea?

I'm running a self hosted drone instance against a gitea instance, it's pretty slick and wasn't too hard to set up. I don't use it a lot though, so I can't say how flexible/powerful drone actually is.

I think selfhosted gitlab has the gitlab ci features.

So there's a few options if you can swing a $5/month linode/digital ocean/etc

@bhart @arghyadeep for the performance benefits, I would go with Gitea/Drone rather than's so bloated for a single or few person use case

I think Jenkins was an apache
project. Worth checking. Proven and solid.

@saurshax @codeberg I use Jenkins at work extensively and it’s really good.
But it needs to be hosted and I was looking for a free for open source kind of alternative.

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