Signed up on @codeberg today and I'm loving it so far, especially the markdown editing which downright sucks in .

The only downside is doesn't seem to support yet which is a bummer for me.

Does anyone know any alternatives for Gitpod?
I need a coding environment to make changes and run the tests and push. Can't do in my local system since it restricts the installation of a lot of stuff.

@edgren @codeberg

seems to be a Git GUI product like .

is an online coding solution which takes in your repo from SCM and creates a remote development environment and renders it to you in a browser so that you can make your code changes on any device.

@edgren @codeberg Yes, that would work for my use-case but I gotta maintain a server for that.

If I don't find anything on the lines of , I'd resort to or .

@arghyadeep Why do you think Markdown sucks in GitHub, and how is it different in Codeberg?

@meduz In , when you change a line and go to preview tab, it shows a red strike over the item deleted and a green highlight on the added line. This often disorients the layout and doesn't provide a true preview of how it'll look after the change like the ones given in .

On the other hand, @codeberg gives us a Preview tab which renders the exact preview and another tab called Preview changes which shows the lines changed in a much better format.

@arghyadeep @codeberg without trying to be aggressive, it's a little weird how many JS projects require that their build scripts, tests, and other metatooling run on NodeJS.

Controversial opinion: wherever it's possible, you should instead target the browser runtime, which is standardized and non-proprietary (in the correct sense), unlike NodeJS. Three other reasons to really consider the browser:

1. it's capable
2. it's sandboxed
3. it's already there, by default


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