If there’s a task on a website that I need to do later, I usually leave that browser tab open to remember it.

Usually, this way, I end up having 30 or more tabs running simultaneously.

I wish there was a feature which would let me archive the tabs at a single place and get back to them later.

@arghyadeep Man I do the same exact thing. Has nobody built this yet...? No guarantees but I might take a stab at making a “browser tab todos” extension this weekend if I can’t find anything. ‘Add todo’ would close the tab, then open the extension and select the todo to open the tab again. Maybe have a folder button to group todos together and if you double click the folder it opens all of that group’s tabs. Todos would just need the URL right? This can’t be that hard to build...? 🤞

@arghyadeep alright well I’m in bed on mobile so I haven’t tried it but this chrome extension looks pretty on the nose
hopefully there’s something similar for firefox too

@spongechameleon thanks for the recommendation. Let me give this a shot.

@arghyadeep If such a feature existed, I think I would have 100000 archived tabs that I never end up getting back to 😂

@mhamzahkhan That might be a downside.
With the existing process the memory usage and the clutter actually gives us an incentive to close the tasks out.

@arghyadeep a couple options: OneTab, the great suspender, Auto Tab Discard

@arghyadeep, have I missed the joke, or does no one in this thread realize they’re describing bookmarks?

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