How much do you spend on servers on a monthly basis for personal purposes like hosting sites/blogs?

@arghyadeep $5 for a VPS and about $30 for electricity of a server at home.

@arghyadeep $5 VPS a month + $20 year for email + $30 year backups + $12 year for domain

It's a lot, but better than give up to the giants who gave all for "FREE".

@arghyadeep $4.25 / month on domains and $11 / month on VPSs, so $15.25 per month total.

@robby @arghyadeep About $80 (£61) on VPSs.

- Nextcloud
- Peertube
- Mastodon
- Website server

@dahrkael I was kind of at your position. So created this thread to justify my spending and feel better.

@nipos @arghyadeep That's just proves my point how bloated Matrix is. :/

@hund @arghyadeep Unfortunately that's totally true,running a Matrix server is real pain but it works great for the users so I do it anyway to give others the possibility to chat in a privacy friendly way.

@nipos @arghyadeep It's very noble of you. I myself prefer to use XMPP. It's not bloated, there's good clients, it's super easy to host yourself and you can run a server on a potato. :)

@hund I'm a regular user of both matrix and jabber (federated XMPP). Everything you say is true, except:

> there's good clients

Some decent jabber apps have appeared in the last few years (eg Conversations, Conversejs, Snikket). But even the best ones have a long way to go before they're as user-friendly as Element. The hard truth is that in a trade-off between server efficiency and UX, UX will win. There's no point in a super-efficient server hardly anybody wants to use.

@nipos @arghyadeep

It will be interesting to see which improves faster, the UX of jabber apps, or the efficiency of matrix servers.

@hund @nipos @arghyadeep

@strypey @nipos @arghyadeep We have Conversations on Android, Gajim on Linux and Windows and then Converse on the web. For Mac and Ios there's Monal. I don't know how well it works on Mac, but on Ios it's only okay at best. I know it's partly because the platform itself is crappy, but there's unfortunately just a one man project as well.

There's more clients than that, but that's the ones I recommend to people.

> I don't know how well it works on Mac, but on Ios it's only okay at best.

Exactly my point. All going well, one day you'll be able to recommend Snikket as an app for the jabber network that just works, on all platforms, like matrix folks can with Element. But the hard truth is, there is a lot of work to be done before that day comes (I say this as someone helping with Snikket), and in the meantime it's a disservice to users to pretend otherwise.

@nipos @arghyadeep

@strypey @hund @nipos @arghyadeep The entire Matrix project should have just been a couple XMPP clients and a few XEPs tbh. The only reason people use Matrix is because Element is similar to yuppie gamer soykaf.

@strypey @hund @arghyadeep I totally agree with that.I also use both and with Movim I finally have a Jabber client that works good enough but I still feel that Matrix clients have a better user experience and are much more reliable.And the Construct project looks very promising.I'll put that on a server as soon as it is ready for production use.

I have had this long lasting problem that messages is not delivered to all my XMPP clients.
Sure, a XMPP-server is easy to get up and running, but actually running a XMPP-server that fullfills all the security and and features most users wants is not the easiest and can be a real pain.

@nipos @strypey @hund @arghyadeep

@selea @strypey @hund @arghyadeep That's exactly the same problem I've had for years,too.With Matrix that never happens because everything is stored on the server.


Yeah, and one big plus is that the community surrounding matrix is more friendlier and not as elitist as the ones around XMPP, and therefore you can ask somewhat stupid questions.

That is my take and experience atleast.

@strypey @hund @arghyadeep

@selea @arghyadeep @hund @strypey Yes,I made the same experience.There are some public rooms with many nice people who provide help for Matrix.At Jabber it's always the fault of yourself,you server or you client 🙄

@nipos @selea @arghyadeep @hund @strypey sorry to hear you've been finding terrible people out there. I frequently help people out in the Chinwag lobby channel and will happily lend my 15ish years of experience running XMPP services to anyone who needs it.

@mike @strypey @hund @arghyadeep @selea Running the server isn't the problem.I've installed and configured Ejabberd for and I think it's running quite well.The problem is the user experience where sometimes messages are missing or on some operating systems it doesn't work good at all.But thanks for operating Chinwag Movim.That's the first client I found that doesn't suck and where all messages arrive reliably.

@nipos @mike @strypey @arghyadeep @selea I don't have issues with Prosody. I've only been self-hosting for about 4-5 years though. I've been using other services for about a decade before that without any issues.

With that said. I know that my girlfriend sometimes have issues with Monal on her Iphone though—using my server—but I'm pretty sure that's not my fault as it doesn't happens for me or anyone I know.

@selea @nipos @strypey @arghyadeep That sounds like an issue with your clien(s) not supporting MAM.

And the security goes for all servers? What is "all" features?

@selea Yes. What you'r looking is MAM for conferences/rooms/groups/channels or whatever you want to call it.

@nipos You probably already know this, but matrix servers are already being developed in more efficient server-side languages like Go (Dendrite), C++ (Construct), and Rust (Conduit).

@hund @arghyadeep

@arghyadeep 13 euro per year for a .SE domain. I host my own XMPP-server, but it's a non-profit project and we're sponsored by a swedish VPS-provider so it's free in terms of the cost.

I try to use as little cloud services as possible and the only other service I rely on is Nextcloud, which is provided by @operationtulip, currently a free service under their testing period.

@arghyadeep If I remember correctly, it's only 5 euros per month for me. I host Nextcloud, Mastodon, Ghost and Gitea on the server. However, these all are closed instances(used by family and myself included), therefore costs are surely pretty low

@makkusu That's a lot of stuff to get for 5 euros.
Which cloud service do you use?

@arghyadeep I use Hetzner Cloud for hosting. Their lowest tier starts fro 3,99 euros with 20GB of memory, 2GB of RAM + 20TB of traffic. The specs they provide are not this high but they're fine for these services. The disadvantage(for most people but not me) with it is that you don't have those "1-click" setups. Everything you decide to self-host should be done manually. Nevertheless, Hetzner is still a wonderful cloud provider. I am absolutely satisfied. Here is their website:

@arghyadeep Forgot to mention that I pay 12 euros annually for the domain name

@makkusu I recently signed up on and I think it’s the best hands down.

Have used & in the past.

But Hetzner’s simplicity and pricing appeals to me.

Also, the lowest tier is actually cheaper at €2.49 which gives 1 core CPU and 2 GB of RAM and 20GB of memory.

@arghyadeep Oh yeah, thank you for correcting me.

I absolutely agree with your opinion regarding Hetzner - it's the best service provider out there. They have decent service experience, the simplicity does make me feel comfortable as a customer. In addition, their servers run on hydroenergy what makes them one of the greenest solutions out there.

I haven't used neither AWS nor Azure or DigitalOcean before, Hetzner is actually the first cloud provider for me. And I love it.

@arghyadeep 16€ for Mailserver, Searchengine, Mastodon, Wallabag, Nextcloud... and some other private bullshit

if I count the powerconsumption on my dedicated servers that I have:

That is approx $200/month.

@arghyadeep I think it's around $200 total, between the blogging sites (for myself, for the podcast, etc.), email server, Nextcloud, Mastodon, and a bunch of other services.

I could likely consolidate.

@emacsen @arghyadeep Running a server costs me approximately 100USD per year, and that's the dynamic DNS subscription and domain name. The hardware itself isn't replaced often and it's likely I'll keep it running either until it breaks or becomes obsolete - whichever occurs sooner. Possibly the SSD might get upgraded at some point.

@bob @arghyadeep

Sadly running services on home lines in the US is often against the terms of service. :(

@emacsen @bob @arghyadeep Also elsewhere people struggle against ISP blocks and curious arrangements where the ISP owns the internet router and has complete control of if.

seems like i'm really cheap 😅
2.7€ for a VPS running freedombox. hosting my website, searx, wireguard, a single git repo and for the time being a minetest server just for me to try it out 🙈

@arghyadeep roughly 30 euro per month for a dedicated server running minecraft, pleroma, my personal off-site backups, storage for a community peertube instance and soon xmpp

@arghyadeep Around $20 a month, depending on a few factors like POC of heavier software

@arghyadeep I'd say about 50-100 euros per month but that same broadband would be there anyway regardless of me running a homelab with tons of public servers (

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