What distro do you use as a daily driver (desktop Linux, not server)? Pros and cons of the chosen one?

What family does your distro belong to?

Yay, my first poll ended. I'm actually suprised by the result. I didn't thought that so much people use Arch based distros and a lot of you guys checked option Other.
I will make some more polls! :ablobcatattention:

@hund @arek I've been on a "should I install Gentoo" kick for a while now. I think I've read the handbook three times and watched a few videos. OpenRC and USE flags to make a more minimal system have my interest.

@arek For me it's @Solus : Good looking, simple, light and rolling release

@danslerush @Solus I think that fosstodon is the only place where I've seen the mentions about Solus. Never seen ones on Reddit or heard in any podcast.
Is it based on some other distro?

@arek It's one of the ony "from scratch" ... and that's the beauty of Fosstodon ;) @Solus

@danslerush @arek @Solus Its not the only distro that is on mastodon that is from scratch.
@VoidLinux is on mastodon and from scratch

@arek Fedora.

Pros: probably the most up-to-date, non-rolling distro that thus tends to work best on laptops. Very modern. Easy to maintain and upgrade. Dnf is the best package manager.

Cons: not the best starting point if you're a KDE fan. You must like systemd and network manager. Frequent new releases (but it's OK to only upgrade every second iteration).

Pro/Con (depending on taste): does not ship with non-free drivers and software. Close ties to Redhat.

@fedops I actually never tried Fedora (I have been thing about that distro a year ago, but chosen EndeavorOS instead).
Have you tried Fedora Silverblue? I heard about that version in a podcast and the idea behind Silverblue is interesting

@arek agree, but haven't tried it yet. I think it's maybe not a good fit for desktop use.

@fedops @arek
I second this. These are the reasons why I left Arch-based distros

@theDoctor @fedops Did you have moments when you thought that some things might be easier on Arch (while using Fedora)?

@theDoctor @fedops A year ago I was thinking about switching to Fedora (from Linux Mint), but decided to go with EndeavouOS and after that year I think :endeavourOS: is very good distro. However I heard so much good words about latest Fedora's releases, that I might consider distro hopping (once again 😄)

@arek the only thing that comes to mind is the AUR. However I'm not a friend of how software in it is maintained, so while it's easier I'd still rather not use it. To be fair some of the EPEL repos have the same problems.

@arek @fedops Sometimes I do miss the AUR. Not all packages are in the repos but between COPRs, RPMFusion and flatpaks most things are covered. If that doesn't suffice, you'll need to install by hand but that hardly ever happens I'm my case. All in all I'm pretty happy.

@theDoctor @fedops How good is the documentation for Fedora? I mean compared to Arch Wiki

@arek in find it to be quite good, especially considering a lot of the RHEL and Centos documentation also applies.

That said the Arch wiki is a superb resource regardless of what distro you're running.

@arek openSUSE Tumbleweed:

Pros: snapper+btrfs (and its integration to zypper). People also mention YaST as a system config tool but I barely use it at all.

Cons: I can't watch PeerTube videos without adding external repos because oS build service does not allow patented codecs.

@arek I really like Alpine. I even maintain a couple of packages.

apk is the fastest package manager, it leaves apt in the dust and is quite a bit faster than pacman, even with ParallelDownloads.

I'm not too interested in the systemd war, but I do think that OpenRC syntax is a lot more usable.

I personally haven't had anything major break because of musl, but that might be a problem if you're stuck with using proprietary applications.

@sfr musl would be more of a problem with games I think.

@person I haven't gamed a whole lot since switching, but Hollow Knight and DOOM 2016 both work just fine for me

@sfr I was thinking of native games, the should not be sky issues Windows titles.

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