Am I the only one who keeps hitting Ctrl+Shift+C in the browser (in order to copy stuff) and the Dev Tools opens? :blobcattableflip:

@arek Dang terminal muscle memory. I remember doing that a few times

@arek its because people who develop this kind of things live in their own universe

@menelkir Yeah, maybe. It would be nice if they added an option to change Ctrl+Shift+C to copy stuff...

@arek in the past you could customize shortcuts in firefox, guess what, they removed the option

@menelkir Oh, that's sucks :blobcatsadreach: Mozilla why u remove useful feature?

@robflop You can copy text in terminal with Ctrl+Shift+C (using Ctrl+C in terminal sends a termination signal - it's used for e.g. killing an running app) :ablobcatwink: Oh, right! I knew about the termination signal, but didn't make the connection that the copy shortcut would then have to be bound to something else. Thanks.

@robflop @arek it's a linux thing.
Basically the old unixes linux was built off had uses for ctrl+c and ctrl+v way before microsoft came up with copy+pasting.
So they had to improvise

@arek this is pretty much the only reason I like MacOS because it uses command+c for copying which doesn’t interfere with anything else

@blueberry On Mac you can copy in terminal without Shift?

@arek yes, it’s always command+c for copying no matter the application

@arek I’ve changed to an OS that has a smart-copy feature but I still end up doing it anyway 😭

@colinkiama Oh, I didn't know that about ElementaryOS :blobcatopenmouth:
Do you use their latest release?

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