Anyone using btrfs as the filesystem? What are advantages (compared to ext4)?
I think about putting Arch with btrfs on my main laptop. I would appreciate if you could share a nice install tutorial (or any good entry resource about btrfs) :ablobcatreach:

Thanks a lot for all your answers guys! I checked the EndeavorOS page for any info on installation with btrfs and... I think I found one (
I will probably try to follow this guide next weekend and maybe test for some time :blobcathug:

@arek Btrfs does seem like a good file system, but I would wait until it's more stable before I use it as a primary file system.

@arek I use btrfs, but I also make regular backups. I haven't been using it for long; things I have liked so far:

- creating subvolumes
- copying files inside the fs happens instantly. This surprised me the first time it happened.
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