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On the one hand I am intellectually able to accept that 1990 was 29 years ago, on the other hand reading the phrase "vintage nineties looks" is absolutely doing my head in

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I just wanna put it out there that the word for “being polite on mastodon” should be fediquette

On the downside I'm probably going to look like Steve Buscemi.

I've been thinking about this whole back to school business. It might not be all bad. At least I can use the lab equipment again (free oscilloscopes!)

I really want to go to yoga but it's Saturday and I'm so comfy in bed!

Sometimes I feel nowadays people have lost the capacity to be frivolous. And that's .

I wanted to play but the computer is so far away (read: I'm in bed) so I downloaded the mobile version but I just cant get used to playing on mobile.

No minetest for me today.

So I'm trying to decipher the code of someone no longer available and suddenly I see " = ze_try(S)" and I'm like

Is it wrong if I sometimes miss the netbook laptops? I mean the form factor, not the actual anemic hardware.

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Me: Uh, it says it's an Office 365 permissions issue right in the screenshot.

I've always wondered how can someone one day say "Hey! Lets write an emulator!" And poof! New emulator no sweat.

As in, how do they know how to implement hardware in software? How do you implement registers abd gpus and stuff?

I guess even though I grasp the basic concept of emulation I dont really get how to build virtual hardware.

In other news: when the asks you to send a sensitive 500+MB file via MS Teams run away and talk with someone you trust.

I didn't trust him in the first place, now I believe he is plain dangerous.

Ok, Violet Chachki is in the playlist. Everything is as it should be.

I just want tremendously music to cheer up my monday and GMusic refuses to cooperate.

Is it too much to ask for tons of ?

Actually it seems to be my work for the rest of the week.

So my work today consists of transferring a 560MB file through a VPN that's as fast as a 56k modem.

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