I just got one of my final grades and I almost fainted from the expectation. I'm too old for this.

Does anybody know why there is git patches? I don't mean how to use them or their historical background, but their actual raison d'etre.

What I (think?) am asking is: why would you use patches over commit pushing?

I'm surprised Steam Linux usage hasn't spiked more. Proton has actually become pretty good! Ever since I upgraded my GPU (nothing fancy, a Polaris era card) all my games (think Fallout 4, Starceaft 2, etc) have run flawlessly.

All this is more impressive if you take into account the CPU is 10+ years old!

I'm surprised at how frequently I find myself browsing the local timeline! Fosstodon sure has a fun and interesting assortment of people

Today I have an important examn and a ton of work and my body aches even on places I didn't know existed. Gotta love end of semesters.

On the bright side I'm rediscovering my old music library, therefore I intend to go deaf on my own terms.

I believe today I'm just pissed at everything for no reason in particular

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Libre software devs are angels. Thank you for existing.

Dying hard drive. Just now. Exactly what I was wishing for this holiday.

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Just printed off some reading for later tonight. Maybe I can wrap my head around it.


Anyone has any sort of opinion on Odoo? I've been tinkering with their source, particularly the part of iotbox and find it somewhat... rustic. any feedback of anything Odoo is welcome.

A company that fires it's workers in the middle of the crisis without a reason is indeed a shitty company.

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#xkcd #gammaTest Pathogen Resistance - We're not not trapped in here with the coronavirus. The coronavirus is trapped in here with us. - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 04:00:00 -0000 - xkcd.com/2287/ #poweredByAwk

this whole quarantine thing is making me lazy

I have a meeting in 10 minutes and I can't drag myself out of bed. help!

status update: I'm LOVING LVM. Now I feel this system can run 10 more years!

This weekend I got to play with . I bought a cheap and small SSD, and since I already had two HDDs I decided to try a more exotic partitioning scheme:
/ in a 20GB SSD partition
/var in a 20GB HDD partition
/home in an LVM volume backed by SSD cache

once everything was said and done, the old system felt as fast as anything current. Hooray !

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“Since I'm self-isolating I can finally do all these fun and useful projects that I normally never have time for!”

*stares at Reddit 30 hours a day*

So I originally tried to develop with Mozilla NSS because OpenSSL docs looked scary. Now I know that scary is the lack of docs. Back to OpenSSL it is.

After several hours of wading through header files I was finally able to write a C program that uses Mozilla NSS to hash a test file. Impressions so far: great library, shitty (read non-existent) documentation.

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