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Arax's law on microblogging activists (and their aptitude to act on reality) 

Arax's law on microblogging activists: an activist's political publication frequency is inversely correlated with their aptitude to represent a community which could itself aptly act on reality.

Correlation: a political community's median political publication frequency is inversely correlated to the political community's aptitude to act on reality.

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We're thrilled to announce the official release of GNOME 3.36 "Gresik". This version contains 6 months of work by the GNOME community and includes many improvements, performance enhancements, and new features. Please see the link below for more info:

Fun fact: ProtonMail costs me more, per year, than a Red Hat subscription would.

And I can't wait until Volcano is released so I can delete my ProtonMail account.

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Honestly, I'd be fine if I managed to install Archlinux with LUKS and btrfs

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Hmm, yesterday I was saying I wouldn't want Red Hat technologies on my computer, and now I'm considering getting a $179 RHEL Workstation subscription…

(It would be less expensive than my current ProtonMail account)

This is what Vultr say about the password "Tr0ub4d0ur" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

unpopular opinion, FLOSS, running Microsoft Windows 

3.1/3 (I overestimated the characters limit)

The only reason why we talk about social media is that {corporate, social} media talk about these.

We need less decentralized microblogging servers and more federated (single login) forum servers, IMO.

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unpopular opinion, FLOSS, running Microsoft Windows 

3/3 Speaking about the use of social media, whether it’s Twitter or the Fediverse: yes, it’s amazing that the Fediverse exists, that sometimes I can do mistakes and misbehave, apologize, and from then keep a civil conversation going.

But there are more efficient ways to discuss with people, like forums (whether it’s forums or social media, the moderation is paramount), and more efficient ways to inform yourself, like RSS.

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unpopular opinion, FLOSS, running Microsoft Windows 

2/3 I’m not saying that users should use proprietary software, not at all, just that not using computers, or using them at a bare minimum, is saner than my personal experience, which was fleeing reality on my computer. Even for the people that I wish the FLOSS communities would target more, coming home exhausted and preparing the dinner for the children is saner than using computers, because they’re doing what must be done.

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unpopular opinion, FLOSS, running Microsoft Windows 

1/3 Honestly, I think that running Microsoft Windows because it’s already installed on your machine and it does the job is a saner behaviour than my own behaviour, as a sociology student, of spending 2-3 valuable hours per day with system administration commands,,,

re: negativity 

One could think that telling that to an autistic person crunching their mental health for the union would be indecent as well, but I live very well without reading documentation everywhere on the Internet in the perspective of securing the union’s servers.

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CW: negativity, subject: criticism of the PGP keyservers 

Someone from my union once told me that I was indecent. This is a complicated and unfair story, but I can live with that, so long as I’m not responsible for the "remove the key!" button on PGP keyservers.

Erratum: I think it’s just that my computer is faster on a fresh install. Firstly, because the computer becomes *gradually* slower; secondly, because I install more and more packages, because Firefox becomes slower and slower with the increasing number of privacy add-ons and (maybe) poor cache management, so there are more and more instructions passed to the hardware resources.

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Is Solus very fast, or is it because I haven’t set up my computer with privacy software yet, so my ISP isn’t punishing me with slower bandwidth?

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I don't know if I'm sad because I'm downloading Solus in an Excel course from which I won't get skills, or if I don't care because Excel is a mediocre technology.

I need something to replace Qubes OS, for different reasons, and I'm slowly falling in love with Solus.

– not maintained by Red Hat
– no pulseaudio
– very nice techie community, from what I see


The idea of a "marketplace of ideas" refers to the very liberal and encompassing conception of ideas, but also at first of day labourers, as nothing more than a merchandise you can take for the day without further moral obligation.

This is wrong. Ideas carry a moral obligation. Tell the liberals that this is not a game.

@cespu Hello, I softblocked you. There are (harmful) robots on the Fediverse, so please start posting or reply to this message so I feel safer about your account.

Software for which I await updates before I maintain a server:

1. Pleroma: proper moderation
2. Matrix: Dendrite ready for production (I don't want to maintain a Synapse server)

A registration on each of these servers would require a $6/year fee to properly maintain them, because I think (especially with XMPP) that a sysadmin can't care about a server maintained for free and with open registrations.

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