Just want to say that we in Brazil had a bad election date, people tried a new format, some "super computer" where on the fritz, but we still managed to count all votes from major cities in 6 Hours.

6. Effing. Hours.

Get your shit together, USA.

Everyone is happy that Biden won, right? Me too.

But you should see the first couple of minutes of this video right here:

This is the week where the "greatest democracy" elect someone didn't win the popular vote, or just win by the supreme court.

Today, you have to pay almost the price of a new car for one.

Fuck Apple. Your computers aren't even that good anymore.

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10years ago I purchased a MacBook White 2009. I paid for it a good amount of money, but nothing fantastic. It works to this day. It came with nvidia graphics card. Another laptop I intended to buy was i the same price range, but without one. It was a good purchase.

When it was 2012 I thought: why not get a new one. Then I went and checked the MacBook pro line. Shitload of money for a laptop that didn't even had a graphics card.

Don't appreciate Star Trek is not a question of bad taste. It's a moral failure, a character flaw.

If this whole season of Discovery will be about bringing hope and resurrecting the Federation, bring light to a dark universe, it will be amazing.

Star Trek is mostly about people who care with other people, studying and being the best they can be. About a society that cares more about the the collective good than profit, or power.

Values that we lack today.

Wow... Star Trek Discovery S3 is looking like it will be good enough. Maybe something special.

We sure need it.

Herectic was a damn good game. Nothing new and groundbreaking, but I liked it.

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