@garritfra you are not the latest... I haven’t watched a single episode yet

@artyr3 „Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.“
Albert Einstein

Just found dashdash.io

Linux commands manuals presented beautifully! This will be bookmarked for all the intros to chats/convos I find myself in.

On another note I was doing the last assignment of the nand2tetris course (writing an assembler for the fictional hack computer) in yesterday and the dev experience is really very nice... I used -analyzer within and writing the CLI app was really pleasant and fun!! Maybe I just have to setup some GH repos with build jobs for the more complex apps (with release builds)...🤔

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@garritfra it was really a funny ride and I learned so much over the last weeks... never thought about hardware in detail... but now I know how it all fits together... started the 2nd part of the course right away. Definitely worth the time and effort!

"we have given a bird's-eye view of ... its core concepts like borrowing, lifetimes, & unsafe code encapsulated inside safe APIs... to overcome the trade-off between safety & control."


@splatt9990, @appelgriebsch, honestly, I think Rust, and even Node, are just making it explicit how much modern programming depends on libraries. With C++, for example, a lot of the dependencies already exist as system libraries, so they don’t get counted. Also, a lot of package managers don’t show you the transitive dependencies the way cargo and npm do.

@phlox finished the first part, which is centered around the hardware of the fictional computer... looking forward to join the second part which goes into OS and program language development as well

I completed Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course)! Check out my certificate coursera.org/share/c52adefb0fc

And the issues with lengthy build times are well known and caused by some fundamental decisions made by the Rust team... every dependency has to be delivered as source code and compiled on the target machine... leading to ~400 dependencies for Shortwave (a small app for listening to Internet radio). Not sure what it would take to have more sophisticated apps such as office suites, graphic editors or OSes build with it... so I can understand those complaints from package maintainers...

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As much as I would like to love it sometimes fires back to me the hard way... today I just tried to update my Shortwave app from AUR and it stopped short... even though the repo mentions Rust 1.48+ and I’ve had 1.50 from the Manjaro repos some of its dependencies no longer compiles successfully... upgrading to 1.51 (released just 2 weeks ago) solved the build issues... beside that the release build took AGES... (for a small tool such as this one)... actually it was more than 20 mins... 1/2

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